Movie: Daddy Cool

Anthony Simon(Mammootty) is a lazy police officer. He loves to hang out with his son, Adi(Master Dhananjay), idling away time. They are both cricket fans. A critical mission to trap a notorious gangster named BhimBhai(Ashish Vidhyarthi) goes wrong because of Anthony. Bhimbhai escapes because Anthony had moved away from his assigned location to watch a cricket match being telecasted on TV. As a result, he is suspended from service for 6 months.

However, Anthony is not affected by the suspension and he is happy to spend time with his son. This irritates his wife Annie(Richa Pallod), who walks out of the house leaving the dad and son alone. The dad-son duo enjoys this freedom to the maximum. In one of their escapades, they come across the famous cricket star, Srikanth, being roughed by a set of menacing looking guys. On Adi’s insistence, Anthony intervenes and helps Srikanth.

Another inspector(Biju Menon), who is a close friend of Anthony, uses this incident to get TV coverage for Anthony. This results in revoking the suspension and Anthony being inducted back into the service. What happens in Anthony’s life after this incident forms the rest of the story.

Aashiq Abu directs this light hearted comedy. They fail miserably in telling a good story. However, they succeed in giving us a movie with good production values. As they have nothing much to tell, most of the scenes are long. They are quite a few laughs. But they are drowned in the lengthy scenes. There is scope for performances in this movie. The biggest drawback of the movie is the lack of a strong villain to confront Anthony. Although the story has references to the past heroic antics of Anthony, it could have well established in the scene where Anthony saves Srikanth. But the director fails in this scene despite trying to do so.

Bijibal’s music is very pleasing. The title song also serves a thrilling background score. Without this, the movie would have fallen flat.

Mammootty evokes laughter at quite a few places. But he looks jaded in most scenes. He looks jaded and out of shape in most of the outfits. The major disappointment is the final scene when he arrives in a police officer’s uniform. Unfortunately, the age has caught up with him! Sadly, some of his dialogues are also double innuendos.

Master Dhananjay is okay. But he has been given bigger dialogues than he can handle! Biju Menon sleepwalks through another supporting role efficiently. Suraj Venjaramoodu is okay. But, Ashish Vidhyarthi and Daniel Balaji hams and disappoints.

Surprisingly, Vijayaraghavan and Baburaj provides the best laughs even though most of it are innuendos. It is not only their interaction with each other but also their interactions with other actors that provides genuine laughs.

Watch it on DVD.

Language: Malayalam

Genre: Comedy

Rating: *

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  1. waiting for the review on wake up sid!!

  2. The kids had fun watching it. It did have a few good laughs,especially when the wife goes to her parents house.:)I wish I had waited for the DVD!!!

  3. I just saw Kaminey last week, so you know how far behind I am as far as hindi film viewing is concerned, saw it on bigt screen and liked it.. also saw a film called women(meg ryan, eve mende and a quite a few others) and also departed which was very good. enjoy the long weekend

  4. @Swatantra - :) Posted it!

    @Jyothi - :) I also liked the conversations with Mammootty and his dad-in-law.

    @Sujata - Great! You can wait for the DVDs for most of the Hindi movies!

    I have heard about Women. But, I can't find it on DVD here! I have seen Departed. I loved it. I'm actually looking for the Korean movie which inspired "the Departed"


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