Movie: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Connor Mead(Matthew McConaughey) is a successful photographer who is a womanizer. The women love him regardless of however badly he treats them. He does not believe in marriage as he thinks of it as a repressive institution. Connor has a sibling named Paul(Breckin Meyer). They both were orphaned in their childhood after their parents were killed in a car crash. After that, they were brought up their uncle, Wayne(Michael Douglas). Wayne died a few years back due to old age. Till the day he died, Wayne was a bachelor and a womanizer like Connor.

Paul is getting married to his girlfriend, Sandra. Connor travels to his family’s estate to attend the wedding. Connor turns up at the rehearsal dinner to the surprise of everyone present. Paul is happy to see him. The bridesmaids are excited to see Connor. Only one bridesmaid is uncomfortable to meet Connor. That is Jenny Perotti(Jennifer Garner). Jenny and Connor grew up together. They also dated briefly. Connor also meets Sandra’s parents – Sergeant Volkom(Robert Forster) and Vonda Volkom(Anne Archer).

After dinner, a drunken Connor is confronted by the ghost of Wayne. Wayne is disappointed at the way Connor is turning out even though Connor is becoming more like Wayne as time progresses. In order to give a second chance to Connor, he will be visited by three ghosts before morning. The ghost will show him a slice of life – past, present and future. Connor can decide what to do once he is given the tour by ghosts. Now, Connor is shaken and waits for the ghosts.

The rest of the story tells us about revelations about Connor’s life – past, present and future – and whether Connor changes his way of life!

Mark Waters directs this comedy which is based on Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. Christmas has been replaced by a wedding in this adaptation. Although an interesting premise, this does not translate to an entertaining watch.

Of the cast, Michael Douglas shines in a small role and it is a delight to watch him perform. The rest of the cast do not leave an impression.


Language: English

Genre: Romance

Rating: *

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  1. I love Matthew McConaughey. But the movie sounds terrible! What a theme.

  2. @Aparna - Not to waste time on this even for Mr McConaughey! :)

  3. Forget McConaughey, I am ready to waste an entire day for a glimpse of MR DOUGLAS!!

  4. ya stupid avoided as u u doing buddy? take care..and thanks a tonne 4 staying connected..


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