Movie: Inkheart

Mortimer “Mo” Folchart(Brendan Fraser) is a Silvertongue. A Silvertongue possesses the ability to bring the characters from a book to life by reading the story aloud. Mo is constantly on the move with his 12 year old daughter, Meggie(Elisa Bennett). Mo never stays in one place and he has been moving between European cities searching for something in book exhibitions and bookstores.

In a small European town, Mo comes across a book named “Inkheart” in an old bookstore. He immediately buys the book. When he steps outside the bookstore, he is confronted by Dustfinger(Paul Bettany) in front of Meggie. Dustfinger urges Mo to read him back into the book. To Meggie’s bewilderment, Mo escapes from Dustfinger with Meggie.

Then, Mo and Meggie travels to Italy to meet his aunt, Elinor Loredan(Helen Mirren). Elinor is a spinster and tries to keep Meggie at a distance. Elinor also blames Meggie’s mother Resa(Sienna Guillory) for abandoning Mo and Meggie. This irks Meggie.

That night, the trio gets a surprise visit from Dustfinger. Dustfinger informs Mo that he joined forces with Capricorn(Andy Serkis). So, he is now going to capture and present Mo to Capricorn.

The rest of the movie tells us the reason for Resa’s departure and why Capricorn and Dustfinger is interested in Mo. All of them are involved in an adventure that finally leads to Inkheart’s author, Beppe Finoglio(Jim Broadbent).

Iain Softley directs this fantasy based on a eponymous book by Cornelia Funke. More than the direction, it is the visuals that are interesting - be it the locations or the creatures created using the CG.

Paul Bettany impresses as Dustfinger. Dustfinger is not bad. But he is selfish. Paul is able to convey the conflicts successfully. In addition to Paul, it is the veterans – Helen Mirren and Jim Broadbent – who make this movie interesting and watchable.

The author, Cornelia Funke, had Brendan Fraser in mind while writing Mo. Unfortunately, Brendan is miscast as Mo!

See this if you love Fantasy. You will not be bored.

Language: English

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: **

Picture Courtesy: Yahoo! Movies

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  3. @JD - I manage to. :) The office has been hectic and hence there were very less updates on my blog last month. Unfortunately, there isn't much interesting at work other than work! :(

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