Movie: Wake up Sid

Sid aka Siddharth(Ranbir Kapoor) is the only son of Ram Mehra(Anupam Kher) and Sarita(Supriya Pathak). Sid is a slacker with no plans or ambitions in life. He has two best friends – Laxmi(Shika Talsania) and Rishi(Namit Das).

In a party after the college examinations, Sid bumps into Aisha(Konkana Sen Sharma). Aisha is an aspiring writer who shifted to Mumbai in search of a job. It is her first day in an alien city. The two hit off pretty well and become friends. For Aisha, Sid is the first friend in this big city.

Since the exams are over, Ram wants Sid to take an active participation in running the family business. Sid, however, is not ready for any responsibility. In order to entice Sid into the family business, Ram strikes a deal with his son. Sid goes to office for 30 days and Ram will buy a Porsche SUV for Sid.

But, Sid is in for a surprise on his first day at office. Ram gives him a pile of books that has all the information related to the business. Sid has exactly one week to go through these documents and decide on the department to join.

Sid is saved from the boredom by an email from Aisha and soon, they start communicating with each other over email. Aisha has found a job with a magazine named Mumbai Beat. While Ram waits for a decision from his son, Sid slips away from the office and joins Aisha. Sid helps her in finding an apartment and also cleaning up the whole place.

As time flies, Sid and Aisha becomes good friends.The rest of the movie shows what happens in Sid’s life. Will Sid find his true interests? Will Sid become responsible?

Ayan Mukherji, the debutante, directs this coming off age movie. In addition to direction, Ayan is also credited with the story and screenplay. He has proved to an able director and story teller. The unusual but apt pairing of Ranbir-Konkana works in his favor. The songs are a collage of events that take the story forward and hence, it keeps the viewer engaged in the movie. The dialogues are minimal but effective. The drama and the romance are subtle and subdued. Still, it is endearing. The photography and editing complements the movie.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy provides the music and Amit Trivedi for one track. The music gels with the movie. The background score, although loud at certain points, elevates the experience.

Dharma Productions(read Karan Johar) produces this movie. Considering their previous movies, this is a far better product with respect to the script. This is not a badly written school skit like their previous movies - especially the one that dealt with extra-marital affairs and the other about two guys acting gay!

Ranbir Kapoor is almost perfect as Sid. He gives in an earnest performance succeeding in most of the scenes. Yet, there are scenes where his body language and also expressions betray him.  But, still, the performance is commendable.

Konkana Sen Sharma is played her part perfectly. Anupam Kher and Supriya Pathak are a delight to watch. The surprise package of this movie will Shika Talsania and Namit Das portraying Sid’s friends. You will also find Rahul Khanna and Kashmira Shah doing small roles in this movie.

Go for this!

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama

Rating: ****

Picture Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama

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  1. Reviews are generally good of Sid.
    I intend watching it tomorrow.

  2. we had enjoyed the movie.. it was a cute love story.. i liked the way they decorated the flat of Konkana..

  3. @ZB - Have fun!

    @BKC - Let me know if you liked it!

    @Swatantra - Yes! The romance was fun to watch! The redesign of Konkana's flat was innovative. :)

  4. thanks..
    this one thus enters my must watch list

  5. My husband detests Ranbir Kapoor. Can this movie be watched by a 14 year old? Will take her then. I like Konkona.

  6. @Diwakar - Thanks for dropping by. Let me know if you enjoyed the movie after watching it.

    @Aparna - You can watch it with your 14 yr old. This is a clean movie. :)

  7. Not at all a fan of ranvir, hes too kiddish, needs to go to school, i think, I like konkona, have watched the promos, i think the two friends look great, as in sid's friends..they seem genuine actors

  8. @Sujata - Watch this! You can put aside the anti-Ranbir sentiments away for 2/5 hours. :)


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