Bad Girl!

My wife, my sister and my brother-in-law brings in reference to good and bad in their persuasive conversations with my daughter and my niece . Even I do. But I really can’t recollect the date and time when I first started going that route! But, does my daughter realize the meaning of these words? Today, I came to know she does!

Her playschool starts at 9 am. When she started in the playschool in July, I was there at the door with her around 8:55 am. At 9:05 am, the teachers rushed into the building. They smiled sheepishly at the parents, who were waiting outside. Then, they opened the door and ushered in the children.

For the next couple of days, I still went early to the playschool giving a benefit of doubt to the teachers! When the same incident repeated consistently, I decided to change my routine instead of hoping for the situation to change. So, I started dropping my daughter to playschool after 9:15 am.

Today, after a very long time, we reached the playschool early at 8:55 am. It was déjà vu. The doors were closed and we waited outside. While waiting, my daughter initiated a conversation.

She: No school today? Can we go home?

Me: There is school today.

She: Then, why can’t we go in?

Me: We have to wait.

She: Why?

Me: Because, they have to open the door.

She: Monica ma’am bad girl. She is late for school!

Monica ma’am is my daughter’s teacher. I was smiling ear to ear. My daughter knows the difference between good and bad.

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  1. Your daughter is too young to know that bad girls have all the fun later in life :D

  2. Children are fast learners with amazing sense of memory and recognition.

  3. Last night, my daughter told me that I am a good girl, because I have good manner. When asked to define that, she listed out all the things I do ... playing with her, talking to her, etc etc. And, she didn't even miss a minor thing. For a change, felt good.

  4. @Aparna - Thank God! She doesn't know about this blog yet! :) You are giving out all pearls of wisdom for free!

    @Destiny's Child - Thank you. :)

    @BKC - Very true! Sometimes, my daughter recounts the events in our life that happened 1 year back with a lot of clarity! It amazes me!

    @Tomz - Thanks. :)

    @Laks - :) So, you a good girl?

  5. Sorriee ... am a certified bad girl ... :) And, I think, you were the first person to sign it :) Its just a matter of time when she realizes that ... till then, let me remain in the bubble ...

  6. hahaha..cute dad like daughter hehe


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