Celebrity Spotting

Over the weekend, I went to my home in Ernakulam. On the first day in the city, I saw three celebrities – may be not national celebrities but celebrities in this part of India.

Shobhana: I saw Shobhana as I was stepping inside the CIAL airport. She was standing by the door, waiting for someone. I did not recognize her at first. I noticed a long leg, a face hidden behind a big shades and the lips, in that order! Her famous lips gave her away. The shocker was her face – the part that was not hidden by the big shades! In movies, the uneven face is covered up in layers of makeup. Next time, you wonder why she has oodles of makeup on her face, remember her face is not smooth! She sounds like actress Sukumari! Imagine Shobhana devoid of the voice of dubbing queen, Bhagyalakshmi. Imagine Shobhana talking like Sukumari. Quiet a turn off?

Ajmal: Before you ask who, he played the younger of brother of Mohanlal in Madambi. He has also acted in successful Tamil films! He hails from Alwaye. I saw him in Padma theater watching the late nite show of Kurbaan on Saturday. He was doing the same thing that he excels in the movie – smiling and expressionless when not smiling! He was accompanied by his wife and his child! Yes, he is married.

Nadir Shah: The king of mimicry! I saw him in Padma theater when I came out of the movie. He has consistently put on weight after being famous! I have spotted him many times in Ernakulam in the past as he also hails from here! During his struggling days, he was accompanying someone or the other. Now, he is accompanied by someone or other.

“Three celebrities in a day. Although I lived in Chennai for an year, I was not able to see 3 celebrities in a day ever!” exclaimed my sister. I nodded. The right answer would have been what Mohanlal says in Baba Kalyani when talking about Kochi, “Kochi is getting hot!”. So is Ernakulam!

Picture Courtesy:http://www.kumbhamela.org, http://im.in.com

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  1. Oh well, good man. I've seen more than 3 celebrities together on a spot but not at 3 different places like you did.

    Cochin has become the new hotspot for all entertainment related activities, so you'll get to see many personalities around the town. I spotted Beena Kannan (Seematti boss), Usafali (LULU) and a couple of politicians when I travelled through CIAL a couple of years back, bit no film stars :(

  2. Ignorant me did not recognize anybody except Shobhna. Seems you had a good time. I have lived in Mumbai and have never seen any movie personality ever. How come?
    BTW, now I know why you have a comment moderator. Wish I had the foresight to put one too.

  3. @Aparna - :) You live in a metro. But you don't spot a celebrity. You visit in an upcoming metro and there are celebrities everywhere! I am surprised too!

    @ScorpioGenius - Yes! Kochi is the new hotspot! Ignorant me! Never thought of Beena Kannan as celebrity! Googling her confirms my ignorance. :) Yusufali has a website too!

  4. I also recognized only Shobhana among all the three. You have been spotting celebrities quite frequently, starting from Dev anand, wish I could spot Hritik some time!!

  5. wow cool man
    I have seen many actors in malls, restaurants and shops in Chennai.But not in one day
    yeahh as the dialog in Big B ...kochi pazhaya kochi alla :)

  6. It is too much of a coincidence to have met three on the same day.
    Lucky you.

  7. @Sujata - As I said, these are celebrities in Kerala. Of course, Shobhana is a well known figure outside Kerala too. :)

    In order to spot Hrithik, you will have to queue up outside his house in Mumbai. :)

    @AnishThomas - :) Yes, very true. Kochi is not the same. But Bilal refuses to change! ;)

    @BKC - Thank you.


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