Don’t let him go!

Everyone is fighting a war against attrition. While some strive to lure new employees into their organization, the other tries to convince their “high risk” employees against a possible resignation. At times, the employees are miraculously persuaded to take back their resignation. Recently, a manager and a manger to manager were discussing about an “high risk” candidate.

Manager To Manager(MTM): So, did he put his papers?

Manager(M): Nope. Looks like there is one more round for him.

MTM: Really? Which one?

M: The “HR” round wherein the actual offering letter is handed over if he is selected.

MTM: Oh! *After a pause* Don’t let him go!

M: *gufffaw* But, they are good pay masters

MTM: Don’t let him go!

M: *puzzled* How? What do I have to offer him?

MTM: *irritated* You moron! Wake him early in the morning. Ask him to report before office hours. Make him stay till late in the night. Don’t let him go to meet the HR!

M: *wide eyed at the MTM’s brilliant and simple solution*

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  2. Whao! I don't think that pay check would be the only reason the guy would be leaving, if this is the kind of "strategy" adopted. :(

  3. yes tough world buddy..but the tough get going when the going...hehhe.

  4. @Dominic - :) Take it with a pinch of salt. MTM was joking! Having a penchant for drama, I did not add that as part of the narration!

    @Mitz - Glad you love it!

    @Ramesh - They are all going, going, gone! :)

  5. something must have been wrong with blogger comments. It had said that the comment could not be posted so I reposted. Now I see both of them on..

    On the topic. I thought it was original coz I have been in M's situation. Only it was not my manager who advised thus, someone more senior. And of course the person did not stay back.

  6. @Ramesh - :)

    @Dominic - Well, MTM's suggestion, if followed, is a surefire recipe for disaster.

    @Tomz - Sad! Isn't it?

  7. @AnishThomas - Thanks for dropping by. :)


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