Movie: 2 Days in Paris

Marion(Julie Delpy) and Jack(Adam Goldberg) are a couple who is stopping in Paris for two days before returning to their home in New York. Marion is a French citizen while Jack is an American citizen. Both of them have been in a relationship for a while now.

Jack is like a fish out of water in an alien city and he does not even know to converse in French fluently. Marion and Jack stays with Marion’s parents. Jack has trouble adjusting to the ways of her parents and also the Parisian way of life. The couple also runs into Marion’s ex-boyfriend, Manu. Jack is surprised that Marion has kept in touch with his ex-boyfriend.

Soon, Jack becomes suspicious about Marion. Initially, they were planning to spend two days in Paris to rekindle their love. But, will they be able to salvage their relationship? The answer forms the rest of the story.

Julie Delpy directs and acts in this movie. Julie unfolds the story through conversations. She uses the camera effectively to show the energetic life in Paris by shooting in constrictive spaces and also placing camera very close to the actors but without doing a lot of close-ups.

See this if you are interested in movies where the lead actors are constantly talking and moving.

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Rating: ***

Picture Courtesy: Yahoo! Movies

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