Movie: Chaos

Detective Quentin Conners(Jason Statham) is suspended from duty when a mishap occurs during a hostage situation. Months later, three men led by Lorenz(Wesley Snipes) attack a bank to rob it. They hold around 40 people hostages. But, one of the security personnels manage to trip off the alarm. When the cops arrive on the scene, Lorenz asks for Conners specifically. As a result, Captain Martin Jenkins(Henry Czerny) reinstates Conners and also assigns Detective Shane Drekker(Ryan Phillippe) as his partner.

Conners arrive on the scene and talks to Lorenz. Then, he instructs the SWAT team to cut off the power supply and then break into the bank through the front door. But, before SWAT team breaks into the bank, Conners realizes they have been tricked. But, it is too late and there is an explosion resulting in harming the SWAT team members. In the ensuing confusion, all the hostages run outside the building and the three robbers escape in the crowd.

The Feds arrive on the scene and relate this robbery to a previous robbery at a different bank as both these banks contained the deposits of a Saudi prince. Meanwhile, Drekker listens carefully to the conversation between Conners and Lorenz. On running through the conversation several times, Drekker is able to deduce clues about the motives.

Drekker is convinced that Lorenz is a pseudonym and the message is related to the Chaos theory. According to the chaos theory, the events that seem random and chaotic at first instance may actually be linked together. So, how these are events linked together forms the rest of the story.

Tony Giglio directs this thriller. But, the suspense is predictable.

This is strictly for Jason Statham fans.

Language: English

Genre: Thriller

Rating: *

Picture Courtesy: Wikipedia

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  1. I love hostage dramas, but only one star rating? So should I or shouldn't I?
    Saw 2012 and found the special effects fun and the storyline unbelievable. At times it was so outlandish that it became funny. But the kids had a great time.

  2. @Aparna - You can watch this. But it is too predictable! :)

    Everyone is saying great things about 2012. I am not a big fan of the director! He uses a lot of CG while making movies. That is the only good thing about his movies! The conversations in those movies are usually extra cheesy.

    Nevertheless, if the kids had fun, all is well that ends well. :)

  3. I liked this movie, probably because I am starting to like Jason Statham .... hee hee ... :)


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