Book: 2 States – The Story of My Marriage

Krish Malhotra and Ananya Swaminathan are class mates in IIMA. Soon, Krish and Ananya become friends. Krish is surprised and confused by Ananya’s closeness as he is not able to understand why the most beautiful woman in the campus is willing to be friends with him. The friendship blossoms into love. While their careers are being decided, Krish proposes to Ananya.

The boy and the girl are in love with each other. But as tradition goes, they both want the consent of their parents for marriage. This presents a three fold challenge.

  1. The boy’s parents should like the girl.
  2. The girl’s parents should like the boy.
  3. The boy’s parent and the girl’s parents should like each other.

In order to complicate things further, Krish is a Punjabi while Ananya is a Tamilian. How Krish finally succeeds to marry Ananya by fulfilling all these conditions forms the rest of the story.

Chetan Bhagat is the author of this book which is based on his life. He uses the first person narrative and unfolds the story through Krish’s viewpoint. The theme is about the cultural clash. The North and South, while belonging to India, have different way of living and thinking. This provides the drama and also humor. Chetan might not be writing award winning prose. But he sure does know to entertain. The only flaw is using Hindi-film-inspired props to move the story ahead. Luckily they are very few. But like watching a Hindi movie, you read ignoring the cheesy feeling while encountering these props.

Go for it if you want to read something light and funny.

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  1. What a coincidence! Chetan Bhagat was ripped apart all over Twitter yesterday, and here comes a review!

    You should read these tow bits, if you haven't already..

  2. Read the book on my way from Mumbai to Delhi and quite enjoyed it. It was a fast read and I thought it can be adapted into a typical Hindi film successfully.

  3. I loved every bit of this book. Short and sweet.Like Aparna said...Ready to Make Hindi Masala Movie...If this really happened in his life, then I must say I am impressed with Krish's/Chetan's dedication.

  4. But it was not good as his previous works.Especially some times i felt like a drag and reading his personal diary.I expected a lot coz i'm a big fan of chetan,but 2-states left me bit disappointed...Anyways it is good for a one time - time pass read.

  5. I want to read this book for the interesting the cliche goes, its Aiye-yaye-yo Vs Hudipa.

  6. I did read his first book, but tried reading the one on the Call Center ( forgot the name) - I think he has the ability to write better books, and time he does before he is written off.

  7. @ScorpioGenius - :) Thanks for the link! Aren't the twitter-ens a bit tough on celebrities?

    @Aparna - Yes! This is an ideal Hindi film material. Having said that, all the Chetan's novels are Hindi film material. :)

    @Jyothi - :) It is based on his life. Google for Chetan. His wife is not Ananya. But she is Tamilian. They have twins.

    @AnishThomas - Interesting since I thought the book was racier than his earlier works. I have not read 3M. I got bored in the middle of 5 point something!

    @Vaz - Rightly said! And also a real funny cocktail. :)

    @Radha - "One Night @ Call Center". I think he will never write a serious book. Looks like it is not his forte.


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