Movie: Chattambinadu

Mallanchira and Kattapally are two affluent families in the village of Chembattunadu. There were running a business successfully in partnership. But when one of their employees run away with a big amount of money, the friends turn foes. When the rivalry turn bitter and bloody, the families recruit goondas into the village. Very soon, the village gets overrun by goonda and slowly Chembattunadu becomes Chattambinadu.

At present, Mallanchira is run by Chandramohan(Manoj K Jayan) while Kattapally by Nagendran(Siddique). Chandramohan is heavily under debt and wants to sell off his ancestral property to pay off the debt. But, whenever, Chandramohan finds a prospective buyer, Nagendran scares them away. So, Chandramohan decides to sell his property to an outsider. His broker finds a suitable buyer in the form of Vijendra Mallaya(Mammootty), a Kannadiga. In order to scare Mallaya, Nagendran jeopardizes the life of Mallaya’s right hand man, Murugan(Vinu Mohan). This incident provokes Mallaya instead of scaring him. Now, Mallaya decides to buy Chandramohan’s ancestral property.

Chattambinadu gets a make over after Mallaya reaches the village. Mallaya changes the lives of the people in the village and also solves the mystery behind the feud between the two families.

Shafi directs this movie which is based on Benny P Nayarambalam. The story has nothing new to offer. So, Shafi has concentrated on the concentrated on the characterization of Mammootty and also painting beautiful frames with the help of cameraman Manoj Pillai.

Mammootty looks good and acts well as Vijendra Mallaya. He speaks Malayalam with a Kannadiga accent and once again he proves he is master in dialects. The Kannadiga accent evokes laughter.

Siddique, Manoj K Jayan and Janardhanan(as the retired goonda) has nothing much to offer. The comic relief comes in the form of Salimkumar as Maakri Gopalan and Suraj Venjarammood as Dashamoolam Damu. Unfortunately, the comic relief falls flat as Salimkumar cannot create a situation which is not connected to a woman or sex and Suraj Venjarammood cannot shed his coward act. The ladies come in the form of Lakshmi Rai and (Manikyam) Mythili who remain pretty onscreen.

Watch it for Mamootty’s accent and some crass jokes.

Language: Malayalam

Genre: Comedy

Rating: **

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