Movie: The Hangover

Phil(Bradley Cooper) and Stu(Ed Helms) organize a bachelor party for Doug(Justin Bartha) in Las Vegas two days before his wedding. Phil is a schoolteacher who can’t wait to get to Las Vegas whereas Stu has lied to his overbearing girlfriend to host the bachelor party. The three friends are joined by the Alan(Zach Galifianakis), Justin’s to be brother-in-law who is dysfunctional. They set off to Las Vegas on a vintage Mercedes convertible, loaned to them by Justin’s to-be father-in-law.

After reaching Las Vegas, they upgrade their rooms to a villa at Ceasars Palace. In the evening, after getting ready to hit the strip, they climb on the rooftop of Ceasars palace and have a drink admiring the view.

Hours later, Phil, Stu and Alan wake up in the villa with a terrible hangover. They find a tiger inside the bathroom and a baby hidden inside the closet. On top of it, Stu has a missing tooth and Doug is missing. From the hospital bracelet on Phil’s hand, the three friends retrace their lost night in order to find Doug and attend the impending wedding.

Todd Philips directs this whacky comedy about a bunch of friends who can’t handle the sin city. The stage is set in the first twenty minutes. After that, the audience begin a whirlwind journey with the protagonists to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance. As they trace their way back the night, characters tumble out of the script to explaining the tiger, the baby, the missing tooth and the forgetfulness.

While not suitable for viewing with children, this is a perfect for laughs.

Language: English

Genre: Comedy

Rating: ***

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