Potty, books and newspapers

Recently, I overheard two girls talking. These girls are barely 4 years old.

Girl 1 (G1): Why did we stop the car here?
Girl 2 (G2): My dad wants to buy a book.
G1: *perplexed* Book? For what?
G2: My dad takes the book while going for potty.

G1 digested this information. As this sank in, she wore a content look. But, before long, G2 resumed the conversation.

G2: What about your dad and mom?
G1: My dad doesn’t. My mom takes a book while going for potty.
G2: Your dad doesn’t?
G1: *thinking for a bit* He takes the newspaper while doing potty!

We are teaching our children the importance of books and newspapers though we might not be teaching them the virtues of reading!

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  1. We are but It will come with time.A beginning has to be made.

  2. That was funny. And they are sure to mime the elders. The last time my daughter visited home ( she is grown up!) I complained that she had converted the loo into a library! I had to return all the books and magazines there to their respective shelves.

  3. @BKC - Thanks. I really hope so. :)

    @Radha - I'm afraid that I would have to install a bookshelf in the loo. :)

    @ZB - Thanks.

  4. That was funny. I think it is rather sad that nowadays we hardly have time to read books except in the potty. Even I do that!!

  5. :-) poor confused kids. Could actually see their faces wondering what was happening..

  6. @Ramesh - :)

    @Sucharita - :) I agree with you.

    @JD - :)


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