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Recently, a friend was asked to select a laptop by his girlfriend.Why is it always the guys in a relationship get to choose the laptop? Not that the  guys do not like to do this for their partner. But why do it have to the guys always? Let it as it may. This experience turned out to be very enlightening for my friend as it helped him understand the complex logic in which the opposite sex chooses a laptop.

The girlfriend had saved enough money for the laptop. Both of them work for the same company and has almost the same salary. Check my friend’s bank balance and you will be surprised to find that he barely has money to buy a toy laptop. Who said that the girls can’t save?

Being aware of the budget, my friend embarked on the journey to select the right laptop. The goal was simple – best configuration within budget. For the next few days, he researched on the internet for the best configuration available for the given budget. After deciding on the optimum configuration, he checked the prices on the websites of different manufacturers. He selected a Lenovo model after diligent research.

My friend do not believe in buying things off the internet. So, he then went to the various brick and mortar stores in the city looking for the laptop. Wherever he found the laptop, he negotiated with the salesman with the knowledge gained from the internet. Finally, he selected a famous retailer.

For the final approval, my friend brought her girlfriend to the store. Like a winner, he pointed at the Lenovo model and said, “That one”. The girlfriend did not respond and looked uninterested. Thinking that she had heard him properly, he pointed again and said loudly, “That one”.

She gave him the “duh” look. My friend raised his eyebrows. She responded, “I don’t want that”. Surprised and confused, my friend explained the pros of the laptop, bringing up the budget constraints as an additional aid in coercing her. She still was not interested.

My friend was devastated. Seeing the look on his face, the girlfriend said, “It is black. If they have it in pink, I will take it!”. My friend was dumb folded. Sensing his disappointment, she added, “I am okay with red too!”.

Lenovo’s loss is Dell’s gain. They bought a red Dell model.

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  1. Predictable but nicely put. It somehow reminded me when I was selecting one for my sister! Any configuration but VAIO and PINK!!! :)

  2. Very good choice.
    I have a DELL red.
    We are in good company.

  3. Hilarious.I thought she find some thing wrong with Lenovo laptop ......

  4. The same theory applies to phones :D

  5. As the girls get older (I know that for sure), their choice may match that of the guy!

  6. finally they decided right!! that matters :D ..nice blog yu've..cya around

  7. @Vipul - Thanks for dropping by. VAIO with pink! Nice combo. :)

    @Dominic - Thanks

    @BKC - Red! Wow!

    @AnishThomas - :)

    @Shyja - :) That is enlightening for me. he he he

    @Radha - :) I have to wait and watch for that.

    @HaRy - Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad you like my blog. :)


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