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It has been a while since Bengaluru introduced Big 10 buses on it’s streets espousing direction based services. If you live in Bengaluru, these buses are hard to miss because of the higher frequency (between services) and their light green color. It is the high frequency that led my friend to recommend this service to me on Saturday. On that day, I had to collect my car from the service station at Kasturba Road. I had decided on an auto rickshaw ride when my friend suggested this alternative to me.

It was pretty easy! I waited hardly for 5 minutes before the green colored bus arrived. The fare was Rs 10.  The bus was not crowded. But, all the seats were taken. Before long, I was able to find a vacant seat as some of the passengers reached their intended destination. There were adequate spacing between seats. As soon as I sat down, I stretched my legs and placed my backpack on my lap. After seating comfortably, I began to enjoy the sights along the bus route. Big 10 has big wide glass windows on the sides covering almost half the surface area. So, during the day, the interiors are brightly lit from the natural light streaming in and also provides a good vantage point.

I have taken the same route on numerous occasions on the past. But, I had a vague recollection of some of the building that I (re)discovered during the bus ride. I found a Safal outlet with a Mother Dairy logo near the Regional Passport office in Koramangala. Safal and Mother Dairy was a common sight in Gurgaon. In a car or an auto rickshaw, I don’t get a chance to enjoy the surroundings. I’m concentrating on the road while driving a car. While I’m being driven around in a car, I’m either taking part in a conversation or surreptitiously watching the traffic. In an auto rickshaw, it is different. I’m always looking at the fare climbing up on the meter and wondering if they are rigged!

During the bus ride, I discovered the consequences of taking away the burden of maneuvering the traffic and a ticking money meter from one’s shoulder. It has a very relaxing effect. I was neither interested in the traffic nor the time taken at the various stops. After disembarking from the bus, I had to walk a bit towards my final destination. To my surprise, I enjoyed the long walk.

I am thankful to my friend for the suggestion. During that journey, gazing outside the window, clutching my backpack resting on my lap, I was transported to the school days and the bus journey to school.

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  1. Love the new Podcast feature on your blog.

  2. I have always told you, BMTC rocks! I am glad to hear these words from you, at least, now you won't ask me WHY I don't travel by auto rickshaw :)

  3. Thanks for sharing.At least now I know how to travel while in Bangalore.

  4. Looks like it is clean(and also cheap).Here we too have volvos in Chennai and compared to auto fare , it is really a blessing

  5. @Sanju - Thanks! Finally, someone notices it. ;) I added this feature during Xmas. Thanks to my wifey who found this cool site which converts text to audio for free. :)

    @Laks - Yes. BMTC rocks! They should start displaying the information about the various services in the bus stop. That way, it becomes easier for us to find the desired bus!

    @BKC - Thanks. Bengaluru has abundant local bus services like in Delhi. Like Delhi, most of these services are crowded!

    @AnishThomas - Amen! I have been hesitant in using these. But now, I think it is cheaper and devoid of stress.

  6. If we had good public transport, most of us happily take that option. Don't you do it when you travel abroad? If it is comfortable, clean and convenient, life would be so good. A lot of us would not suffer from high blood pressure too!

  7. I liked this article Nona because I share your thoughts in the matter. In fact I have also started doing the same frequently. I may hv to walk a bit but its worth the effort. I prefer the Volvos though.

    I also did not know that it was called Big10, I always happened to read it as Bigio. Initially I thought it might have been one of those sponsored Buses (like Kurkure Train).

  8. @Radha - We have a lot of buses - both private and govt - on the roads. It is the crowds that may be turn off for most.

    @Vaz - The volvos are very convenient.
    Bigio! he he

  9. @NC ... I have found the bus drivers & conductors very helpful. You just have to ask them, & they will give you the rite number series to reach your destination ... :) Learn sentences like ...
    "Elli hogidre?"
    "ABC hogindra?"
    "Number eshtu?"


  10. @Laks - Thanks! I will try it out next time.


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