Book: Pirate Lattitudes

In September 1665, a new ship docks in the harbor of Port Royal, the capital city of Jamaica. Sir James Almont is the governor of the Jamaica at this time. While spending the night with an young lady who arrived on the ship, Sir James Almont discovers vital information about a Spanish ship containing treasure during the conversation.

Sir James Almont enlists the help of Captain Charles Hunter, a well known and successful privateer, to steal the Spanish ship. After reaching an agreement with James Almont, Charles Hunter rounds up a crew of ruffians. Together, they hatch a daring plan to attack a Spanish island fortress which guards the ship. They embark on a journey where they have to fight humans, ships, weather and creatures!

Michael Crichton is the author of this book which was published after his death. Since the manuscript was uncovered and published after his death, some of the characters are underdeveloped. The writing style is similar to his earlier novel, The Great Train Robbery. The suspense is underplayed by the style of narration. The twists are predictable and hence this is a brisk read but not a compulsive page turner.

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  1. I love..Chrichton's works
    His was one of my fave read since school days..

  2. How U r managing time 4 all these...I mean apart from work, lot of movies , Books :) ..

  3. Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.
    I appreciate for your wonderful post.

  4. sems like a great read!! This time in India I saw the book stores full of books by Indian authors, I just picked up as many as space and money permitted, we dont get to see these here at all, hope to enjoy all the books I got

  5. Have read only 4 of his books. Cannot really comment on this one. I liked Coma - reminded me of Arthur Hailey's - Final Diagnosis.

  6. @Sorci - Crichton is fun and racy! I guess since he writes around technology, it is attractive for most of us.

    @AnishThomas - :) I'm managing this. First this is a stressbuster and the second I have set a target of 10 entries a month. :) If I cross that, I'm happy.

    @Babli - Thank you. Welcome back from your vacation.

    @Sujata - The local bookstores are gone a big change. You find a lot of Indian authors who write in English. Have fun reading your new collection.

    @Radha - This is not a great piece of work. Take it up if you have nothing else to do. Coma was written by Robin Cook. I read Coma and Final Diagnosis long back. If my memory serves right, Arthur Hailey was giving us a perspective on the whole industry.

  7. Sorry about the faux pas. I should have checked!! It appears that he directed the movie! (source Wiki). And yes, Arthur Hailey did that about various industries.

  8. @Ramesh - :)

    @Radha - Not to worry! :)


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