Hired, But…

While talking to a friend at a recent party, I brought up the subject of hiring. He works in a multinational company who are on an hiring spree. In order to an effective campaign, they conduct walk-ins during the weekend. At present, my friend is serving the notice period, having decided to cross over to another multinational company! “So, they are hiring to fill in the vacuum created by you?”, I enquired jestingly. After obliging me with a laugh in response, he said, “Yes! We are hiring. At the same time, we are only giving out conditional offers!”.

What are conditional offers? That might have been the look on my face. So, my friend explained. The multinational is expecting big projects to be kicked off soon. So, they are hiring in anticipation. Since these offers are tied to these projects, the selected candidate can only join if the project realizes!

The definition was clear for me now. But, I thought through this from the candidate’s perspective. The candidate is looking out for two reasons – to trade a frustrating job for a challenging yet peaceful one or to earn a fatter paycheck. For the reasons mentioned, as soon as the candidate receives the new offer, he runs into his present office, types a resignation and sends it across to his superiors. If the candidate is given a conditional offer, what would he do? He still can run into his office and type a resignation letter. Instead of sending it immediately, he will save it. Now, what? Does he begin the waiting game? Does he follow up with the giver of the offer daily to see if the conditions are satisfied?

Like the ads that say “rates are subject to market conditions”, this is “You are hired, but…”.

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  1. *Conditions Apply? This is ok for campus recruits. They still have time to complete their course requirements and then take up the job. While on the other hand, it is rather unfair on those already employed.

  2. This is not the case in India only.
    Even in the West,they have similar conditions may spelt differently.

  3. Isn't that the mantra of life these days? No commitments, no guarantees?

  4. I agree with Aparna on this one..

  5. I will say never resign from any organization until you have couple of offer letter....

  6. @Radha - I'm not talking about campus recruits here. These are people who are already employed.

    @BKC - You may be right! But if conditions apply, who wants to join! What kind of exercise are these people upto?

    @Aparna, @Sujata - *sighs* Wish it was as simple as that!

    @Anish - :) Right move!


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