Movie: Death at a Funeral

In a village in England, Daniel(Matthew Macfadyen) prepares for his father’s funeral. He is already shocked to see the undertakers deliver the wrong casket. At the same time, he is overly worried about the eulogy that he prepared. Everyone in the family assumes the eulogy will be prepared by his brother, Robert(Rupert Graves), who is a successful writer settled in New York. Jane(Keely Hawes), Daniel’s wife, is worried about their plan to purchase a flat and move out of Daniel’s parental home.

Martha(Daisy Donovan), Daniel’s cousin, is on her way to the funeral with her fiancĂ©, Simon(Alan Tudyk). Simon is apprehensive about meeting Martha’s dad, Victor(Peter Egan), who disdains him. Martha assures everything will be in order when she announces their plan to get married. They stop at the apartment of Troy(Kris Marshall), Martha’s brother, to pick him up. In order to calm Simon, Martha gives Valium to Simon. The valium turns out to be a hallucinogenic concoction prepared by Troy.

Howard(Andy Nyman), a friend of Daniel, is also driving to the funeral. Howard is driving with Justin(Ewen Bremner). Justin had persuaded Howard to take him for the funeral in the hope of meeting Martha, with whom he had one-night stand. On the way, Howard picks up Uncle Alfie(Peter Vaughan) for the funeral.

At Daniel’s parental home, everyone convenes and Robert arrives too just in time. But, Daniel is crushed on hearing Robert will need more time to pay up his part of the funeral. A furious Daniel also finds a mysterious dwarf(Peter Dinklage) attending the funeral. What ensues in the funeral with these oddballs forms the rest of the story.

Frank Oz directs this comedy. The treatment is similar to a theater play as most of the movie happens in Daniel’s parental home. It is the characters and the situations they end up in which makes us laugh.

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Language: English

Genre: Comedy

Rating: ***

Picture Courtesy: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. Hey i have seen the hindi version of this movie, I forget the name, but it had sunil shetty and a lot of other people in the movie.

  2. @Sujata - I think it is called "DaddyCool". Judging by the trailers, it was a scene-to-scene ripoff!

  3. yah thats what it was called!! i have been trying so hard to get the name out of my wretched memory. thanks a lot, else would have started googling with storyline...

  4. @Sujata - That shouldn't worry you! It was a silly remake to spent your precious energy on getting it right!

  5. I was told it is a good movie...But they spoiled it in hindi(Daddy cool)..

  6. Had watched this recently ... I did enjoy this movie ... :)


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