Movie: Drona 2010

Guptan(Thilakan), along with his sons, Gireeshan(Manoj K Jayan) and Jayan, plots the murder of Kunjunni(Mammootty). According to their plan, a drunken Kunjunni visits an old Brahmin house in the middle of the night in order to survey the place. The best laid plans go awry and Kunjunni returns home unscathed, much to the relief of his mother(KPAC Lalitha), caretaker(TP Madhavan) and Thulasi(Kaniha), the caretaker’s daughter. Thulasi is madly in love with Kunjunni.

Kunjunni learns about the feud between his family and Guptan’s family that dates back a few generations. In the meantime, Kunjunni is also adviced to stay away from property deals by his sister-in-law(Navya Nair) as per his brother’s request. Kunjunni visits the Brahmin house once more with an intent to unravel the mystery behind it without heeding to his brother’s advice. This proves fatal for Kunjunni.

Kunjunni’s brother, Pattazhi Madhavan Namboothiri(Mammootty) arrives to receive the dead body of his brother. Madhavan decides to find out the culprits. The rest of movie focuses on how Madhavan solves the mystery.

Shaji Kailas directs this thriller. He uses his trademark style of multiple angle shots and slow motions to enhance the thrills. But none of this is able to sustain the interest of the viewer because of a lackluster script. Shaji uses several scenes to deliberately confuse the viewer. This technique backfires and questions the credibility of the director in telling a thriller.

A K Sajan scripts this movie. The story is spin off from other movies which deals with feuding families. Here, he has added a bit of black magic, vaasthushastra etc to give this movie a different treatment. But, the script is not structured and events are added conveniently to prolong the movie. So, the movie becomes boring after a while.

Mammootty performs well as the suave atheist Kunjunni and the learned sadhu Madhavan. Their appearance and dresses are contrasting. But, in spite of the best efforts, it is Kunjunni who is endearing because of the humor and the arrogance. Madhavan, despite bearing the torch of title role, ends up as a caricature because of the stale script. But for Mammootty, this movie would have been more boring!

Thilakan is excellent as the patriarch thirsting for revenge. Manoj K Jayan impresses despite hamming at several places.

The background music is loud and irritating. This works for the movie as none of the audience will fall asleep through the mumbo jumbo.

Language: Malayalam

Genre: Thriller

Rating: *

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  1. When did shaji kailas gave a good movie last time.After seeing red chillies, i took pledge that i will never see his movies again.Its the high time he should concentrate more in script rather than camera angles and technical gimmick

  2. @Anish - Unfortunately, that wish will never come true! :)

  3. I don't usually read movie reviews but couldn't help this one, actually the first one I found for Drona. I was talking to my friend, a Mammooty fan, who was more than pissed off after shelling out a 3 figure sum to see this one first day. He usually tolerates any crap of Mammooty, but he had a good few censored words for Shaji Kailas.

    I agree with what Anish has said here. Shaji Kailas should find some other job instead of going on with this character assault of one actor after another. I don't remember the last time he directed a decent movie, they're all colossal waste of film reels.

  4. @ScorpioGenius - I also shelled out a 3 figure sum in INR. But, I knew what I was getting into!

    The irony is Shaji Kailas going strong even after brickbats. He still gets to do movies with Mammootty and Mohanlal and continues to damage their career!


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