Movie: Gulaal

Dileep Singh(Raj Singh Chaudhary) joins a college in the city of Rajpur in Rajasthan. After enrolling in the college, he finds a run down British era pub for boarding while in college. Ransa(Abhimanyu Singh) stays in the same building. Ransa is a prince who disassociated with his dad and is a rebel.

Fearing Ransa’s free thinking, Dileep goes in search of a room in the hostels. Here, he bumps into the ruffians of the college, namely Jadwal(Pankaj Jha). Jadwal and his cronies strip Dileep and locks him in a room. Inside the room, he finds a naked girl named Anuja(Jesse Randhawa). Anuja is a college lecturer who has been humiliated by Jadwal and his gang. Later, Dileep is hospitalized after the hazing exercise. Dileep’s brother asks him to forget the incident. On Ransa’s insistence, Dileep decides to confront Jadwal. But, once again, Dileep get humiliated.

Ransa goes to Dukey Bana(Kay Kay Menon), who is a local bigwig. With Dukey’s and his right hand man Bhatti’s(Deepak Dobriyal) help, Ransa and Dileep is finally able to take revenge on Jadwal. In return, Dukey asks Ransa to contest for the college election. The opponent in the elections is Kiran(Ayesha Mohan), Ransa’s half sister and Ransa gets killed by his step brother Karan(Aditya Srivastav). After Ransa’s murder, Dukey asks Dileep to contest the election.

Very soon, Dileep gets embroiled in the political maneuvers that is beyond his comprehension. What is Dukey’s interest in the student politics? What is Kiran’s interest in Dileep? The rest of the story solves these mysteries.

Anurag Kashyap directs this movie. He concentrates on telling a good story backed with powerful performances. In this movie, he stays away from his normal abstract style of direction. Yet, the movie is unpredictable and surprises you on many occasions.

Kay Kay Menon steals the show as Dukey. Raj Singh Chaudhary is perfect as the coward who is driven by others. Deepak Dobriyal plays Bhatti proving again that he can portray a mundane character differently. Abhimanyu Singh gets to play an easily likeable character.

Watch this for the performances, unconventional story and direction.

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama

Rating: ****

Picture Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama

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  1. I saw this movie on dvd a while back. loved it immensely for cotent as well as acting skills. BTW I watched quite a few films in the halls on my trip to India this time, including 3 idiots, paa and avatar

  2. hey buddy...sorry yar couldnot write early...thanks for staying connected..:)

  3. @Sujata - Looks like you have seen all the good movies while you were in India!

    @Ramesh - Welcome back. You were gone for a long time.


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