Movie: Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year

Harpreet Singh Bedi(Ranbir Kapoor) is a laid back youngster hailing from a middle class family. After securing 39% in B. Com exams, Harpreet decides to pursue a career in sales. While one of his friend persuades him to dream and achieve higher, the other encourages him on his pursuing his decision.  His dad, PS Bedi(Prem Chopra), an honest hardworking man,  is very supportive of Harpreet. After applying for several jobs, he ends up on the doorstep of the firm named AYS. Here, the managing director Sunil Puri(Manish Choudhary) is impressed with Harpreet when the latter tries to sell a pencil to the sales manager Nitin Rathore(Naveen Kaushik) during the interview process.

Harpreet joins as a trainee in AYS. As soon as Harpreet settles in his new work place, he gets a glimpse of the AYS world. Everyone goes into a frenzy discussing targets. They are also overly protective about their customer base. All of them live in constant fear that their colleagues will snatch their precious customers. In the new office, Harpreet notices three people - Koena(Gauhar Khan) the receptionist who dreams of becoming a office manager, Girish (D Santosh) the engineer who is good at fixing at computers and Chhotelal Mishra(Mukesh Bhatt) the office peon.

While submitting a proposal,  a customer asks Harpreet for a kickback. Enraged by the unprofessional attitude, Harpreet lodges a complaint on the customer. After coming back to the office, he proudly tells this to Puri and Nitin. On hearing this, Puri is enraged and abuses Harpreet verbally. Since they lost an important customer, Harpreet is assigned to cold calling and the rest of the sales force are given unachievable targets. This makes Harpreet the most hated man in the office.

Feeling sorry for Harpreet, Koena passes information about a potential lead to him. Then, Koena urges Harpreet to take initiative, convert the lead into a sales and take the credit to wipe out the bad name. So, Harpreet goes to meet the lead Sherena(Shazahn Padamsee). The meeting results in an life altering experience for Harpreet and that forms the rest of the story.

This movie is produced by Yashraj films and directed by Shimit Amin. Shimit has chosen a theme which is difficult to be categorized into any one genre. He has once again displays the command on the medium and also on his actors. He has extracted earnest and believable performances from all his actors. Shimit has effectively captured the emotions of a group of friends coming together to start a company.

Jaideep Sahni writes a story of an average Joe who wants to do something different. He keeps the melodrama quotient low except towards the climax. As his characters are normal people - someone whom you might meet around the corner, he makes us dig deeper into the situations to find heroism in their acts.

The hero becomes successful based on an act which is unethical in a professional world. But in reality, this happens a lot. So, Shimit and Jaideep deserves a pat for not changing the particular act in order to make the hero righteous and virtuous.

The performances are good with all the actors giving their best. But the director and writer deserves more kudos than the actors.

This is relaxing and entertaining.

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama

Rating: ****

Picture Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama

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  1. I did see this movie ,being a Kapoor fan.
    In my opinion,it was quite good with good acting from Ranbir.

  2. Haven't seen this one yet. For some reason my husband hates Ranbir Kapoor.

  3. Haven't seen any of the Shimit Amin movies.Though RC is not my type want to see chakte.Between how do u manage time to see this much movies.Between did u see BodyGuard?

  4. yet to c the movie buddy...hey..keep rocking boss..:)

  5. @BKC - Ranbir looked great as a sardar. He is a better actor than the rest of the lot. But, he still have miles to go, in my opinion. Right now, he has been blessed with roles of an youngster who is naive and confused about life. Now, he need to choose different roles.

    @Aparna - Why does your hubby hate Ranbir? Ranbir is not that bad!

    @Anish - I take sometimes two days to watch a movie and I multitask. ;) Bodyguard is not released in Bangalore. :( By the way, I'm scanning for Bodyguard reviews too. I haven't found any online.

    @Ramesh - Thanks. :)

  6. just watched wake up sid yesterday, i think it was a fab storyline and very crisp start to finish. drooled over rahul khanna!! dont much like ranbir kapoor not sure about this film..

  7. I did see this one. What I also liked and is missed by many is that though he does misuse the present office facilities, he makes note of it hoping to repay the expenses. This has been lost on many. However good an employee is, when he respects the facilities the employer offers him and does not misuse them, that makes makes him the best. This reflects his character.

  8. @Sujata - The movie will not disappoint you. But at the same time, it is not fast paced.

    @Radha - :) Very true. I also thought this was a subtle way to justify the hero's non-ethical act. :)

  9. Very true. But atleast he realised it was unethical. Many employees do not. They do not think it is wrong to use/misuse facilities

  10. @Radha - I have seen many examples. :)


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