Salary Hike on a Friday!

On Friday, the managers rushed to announce the salary hike. The manager’s manager insisted on sending out the letters before the clock stuck 6 pm on the Friday. They also insisted the manager call up each of their managed after sending out the letter.

Overloaded and stressed out with the more-with-less burden, my friend was trying to douse the fires on Fridays. In between the firefighting, he milked out enough time to send out the revised salaries to a few of his managed and also talk on the phone with them. Sensing his discomfort and the barely noticeable trace of sweat running down his face, I offered my sympathies.

He said, “My boss insists on finishing this today itself. If there are any negative sentiments, it will be over by Monday!”. I nodded along although I was unconvinced with the theory on erosion of negativity.

On Saturday, a friend who received the raise called me up. She was very happy with the raise! More than the raise, she was happy to receive the salary hike letter by Friday. Now, she can happily go with the new letter to the walk-in interview conducted by the rival company over the weekend!

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  1. Haha. one more reason to celebrate salary hike. Gud one.

  2. hey buddy should i say congrats yar? hey i liked the last line hahaha..convey our wishes to her on the job hunt:)

  3. :-) phew!! and thus the world moves on in circles..

  4. @Anand - Thanks for dropping by. :)

    @Ramesh - Congratulations for me! Not yet! :)

    @JD - More than circles, it is interesting to note how people turn each event into their advantage. The manager thought he will be doing damage control by sending this out by Friday. But my friend decided to use the latest salary offer for negotiating with a potential employer!

  5. My best wishes.
    However,it is generally a system to announce any raise on Friday only.

  6. Hike or no hike, there is nothing more exciting than getting your salary on a Friday. weekend full of good food and movies:)

  7. lol..hey don't write post like this and expose poor souls like us:) .between that was a good one.

    P.S : You are into management side right..after reading few post of yours, i felt like that :)

  8. Nona, I like the way your company managers take care of their subordinates. Can I pass on my resume? :))

  9. @BKC - Thanks for the info! I never knew this.

    @Aparna - Well. Some of them would be postdated like "I'm giving you a raise effective from March 1st". In effect, you carry home dreams or even shattered dreams in some cases.

    @Anish - Thank you. Glad you like it.
    PS: pssst. Don't tell anyone!

    @Priyan - Everyone is hiring these days. Pass it on! :)
    PS: Glad to see you are still reading my blog. ;)

  10. haha, so much for your friend's tension!! A hike will definitely help the girl to hop better!

  11. congrats for the increment u got..when will be the no fiction..? true thing na?

  12. @Sujata - :) Good word play.

    @Sorci - Thanks.

    @Tomz - No, I have not got the increment... yet. But, ready for a treat any time. :)

  13. Too good!

    And I loved the Odiogo widget!

  14. @Silverine - Thanks for dropping by. Thanks again. Odiogo is free if you want to try it out! There is a lag between the time I post something and the audio is available. Luckily, their support is excellent.

  15. ha ha ha Fresh blood vs old hands concept exists every where ITians knows hopping is the only way to get the salvation known as "Money"


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