Submitting a leave application

What happens when your workload is more than you can handle? What happens when you are clocking more time than your organization’s working hours?What happens when you are burning the weekend oil in addition to midnight oil?

I have seen the outcomes of the above symptoms. There are flare ups and also nervous breakdowns. Sometimes, the concerned person searches for greener pastures and also finds it.

Recently, a cool headed person in a similar situation recounted his conversation with his manager.

Cool Headed Person(CHP): I have a problem.

Manager(M): *concerned* What is it? Tell me.

CHP: I want to apply for a leave.

M: *panics, recomposes himself, keeps a straight face*

CHP: *waits patiently for M’s response*

M: *clears his throat after a very long pause*

CHP: *waits expectantly*

M: *weakly* Submit your leave application the intranet and I will approve it. By the way, how long will you be gone and when?

CHP: 2 days!

M: *hides his disappointment with great difficulty*

CHP: The problem is the intranet portal.

M: Then, you will have to contact the intranet helpdesk. *exhales after having successfully diverted the issue to someone else*

CHP: The intranet portal does not allow me to submit leave applications for weekends!

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  1. lol ...east or west our 'M's won't change :)

  2. :)
    My husband takes half a day off on a Saturday(official holiday)after immense pressure from me! Then he goes to office on Sunday to make up for his transgression...

  3. @AnishThomas - err.. hmm.. Yes. :)

    @Swatantra - Welcome back.

    @Aparna - :) Looks like it is upto you to decide if you want his presence on Saturday or Sunday!


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