What color is your bra?

Black. Black. Pink.

So read the statuses on the Facebook. I was curious after reading them. Some of the beautiful people on my friend’s list were playing a game by displaying colors as their statuses. It took me a while to figure out the game - What color is your bra?

Later in the evening, this topic was brought up while catching up with a friend on the internet chat. He was unimpressed with these Facebook statuses. He explained the disappointment, “I have not seen anyone saying Nothing on their statuses”.

If the men were to respond to the question “What color is your underwear?”, I’m sure the status “Not Applicable. Without one today” would surely have found it’s way onto the Facebook status!

Picture Courtesy: www.facebook.com

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  1. Actually this happened because of the breast cancer awareness week.
    I saw the status updates on my daughters facebook and was mighty embarrassed and upset.

  2. 404 Not Found!!

    crazy the face book people are!

  3. lol, even i was surprised to see that...but was bit busy to ask abt it yesterday.Seems it was to create awareness about Breast cancer.
    lol @ your friends disappointment

  4. @Aparna - Know it was for breast cancer awareness. I was reading a blog of woman writer who said the focus shifted from cancer. :)

    @Sorci - 404 is even funnier!

    @AnishThomas - Like a fool, I asked a friend for which I got a smiley in return! :)

    @ZB - Thanks

  5. wow so much for status updates!! and eeeow for the men who say not applicable not wearing one today!! Happy New Year Nona! Hope you have been well

  6. I hope men do not have their say on Facebook. LOL

  7. If the message was about breast cancer,it seems it was not communicated well enough.
    But I think this was a foolish one on FB

  8. @Sujata - :)

    @Radha - It seems some men joined the girls in this game according to some bloggers and news sites.

    @BKC - Not sure if this is a breast cancer awareness campaign. But this is as a result of a viral email for sure!

  9. Ha ha...
    Well your friend can start new viral email or the status question “What color is your underwear?”

  10. @Shas - Thanks for dropping by! As for the viral email, No.. Thanks. I lack the time and energy to do it. :)


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