Fighting laptop distraction

Have you been in a meeting where all the participants are huddled around a table but still working on their respective laptops? Until I subcontracted for a product company based in San Rafael, California, I had been a traditional meeting person. I always walked into the room with my notepad. But the agile development team in the product company walked into the meeting room with their laptops. After sitting down, they resumed  work on the laptop. They only took their eyes off the laptop screen when they had to speak. They spoke only when they were asked a direct question!

No wonder the professor in the video decided to send a message using Liquid Nitrogen!

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  1. Yes, I have experienced a similar situation in Singapore once.

  2. That was a violent reaction! I know of many who might want to do the same thing to mine!

  3. @Mathew - You are welcome. :)

    @BKC - Experienced! Would you elaborate?

    @Radha - Trying this without the liquid nitrogen is very harmful. :) Well, keep your laptop away from these miscreants and continue blogging.

  4. That would have been a bad experience.But i think notepad will be convenient in meetings, like it will be easy to draw flow diagrams and scribble stuffs.

  5. @Anish - Even laptop is convenient. But people tend to be engrossed in it! And that is a problem!


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