Gifting on Valentine’s day!

What is tougher – selecting a gift or handing over the gift? In this age of overnight delivery, handing over the gift is an easy task compared to the arduous hours spent in selecting the appropriate gifts. After the Valentine’s day, my wife shared a story of a friend who experienced a mental block while selecting a gift and a stage fright while handing over the gift. The gift was intended for his wife.

When the Valentine’s day approached, he was clueless as to what to get for his better half. He asked my wife’s assistance in selecting a gift. My wife, after her analysis, suggested a dress material and also chose the best one possible in his budget. But, on the D-Day, he could not hand over the gift fearing his own mother. He was so worried about his mother and her raised eyebrows since they had spent a good amount of money during their recent visit to the mall citing Valentine’s day.

Finally, the romantic in him succeeded in finding an appropriate excuse to hand over the gift on the D-day. He handed over the gift in front of his mother saying he won this in a contest at work!

Who says life is easy for married men?

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  1. haha life is never easy for married men..of course..women should consider themselves lucky....heyhey..who is that throwing things on me????

  2. some miserable life he is having! Not able to openly give a gift for his wife on V-Day! :( pity...

  3. Did he forget he got married.To given a gift to his wife, he has to tell such a lie .....sigh

  4. No wonder , the boys are called mama's boys in North India.

  5. Such a sad thing to do. The so called 'valentine effect' is lost.

  6. @Ramesh - Yeah true! We men are a blessing for them! ;)

    @ScorpioGenius - It is interesting to know other people's experience. Yes, the gift has to be given under pretext of a lie is definitely interesting!

    @AnishThomas - He may be scared of what his mom will think!

    @BKC - Momma's boy is a common allegation regardless of the region or geography!

    @Radha - By the way, you are the only girl who has posted a comment on this! :) Congratulations! Yes, there is no valentine effect.


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