Movie: Asal

Jeevanandham(Ajithkumar) is an arms dealer who supplies arms to international governments. He lives in France and has three sons – Sam(Sampath Raj), Vicky(Rajiv Krishna) and Shiva(Ajithkumar). Shiva is born out of wedlock. But, Jeevanandham loves Shiva as he is more daring and trustworthy than his brothers. Jeevanandham is also sad as Sam and Vicky are always alienating Shiva. Sam is calculating and patient whereas Vicky is very impulsive. Sara(Sameera Reddy), a cultural attache at the Indian embassy in Paris, shares a good friendship with Shiva and also secretly admires him. This irks Vicky as he wants to marry Sara.

When Jeevanandham dies, Sam and Vicky signs on with a cartel to oust a Mumbai based don, Brijesh Shetty(Kelly Dorji). Their maternal uncle Kalivardhan(Pradeep Rawat) and a French cop of Tamilian origin Daniel Dharmaraj(Suresh) helps Sam and Vicky in this enterprise. In order to teach the brothers a lesson, Shetty kidnaps Vicky. Very soon, Shiva flies down to Mumbai to save his brother. In Mumbai, he meets his dad’s old friend Mirasi(Prabhu), Sulabha(Bhavana) and Don Samsa(Yugi Sethu). In Mumbai, Shiva studies Shetty and gains entry into Shetty’s fortress by killing two of Shetty’s best men. When Shiva returns after saving his brother from Shetty, he is shot by his brothers and falls into the river. The rest of the story forms the mystery of why he was shot and how he extracts his revenge.

Saran directs this movie and Ajithkumar co-directs this movie. The action scenes are the only thing good about this movie. But at the same time the action scenes also are not world class. If you consider the recent movies, this has substandard action scenes. The story which is credited to Saran, Ajithkumar and Yugi Sethu is wafer thin and the story takes a lot of time to unravel. For a movie which is marketed as slick, this has an adverse effect.

Cinematography by newcomer, Prashant D’Misale is impressive primarily because of the exotic locations(France, Mumbai and Malaysia) and the color palette chosen.  During the title sequence, the cameraman falters as the aerial view of France is marred by unsteady hands on the camera which results in shaky frame and a spoiled shot.

Ajithkumar proves once again that he is not capable of any histrionics. But, he look dashing with the friendly mutton chops, the stylish costumes and the cigar.

The villains ham and the girls provides the glam quotient. Yugi Sethu stumbles through the movie as an idiot without impressing anyone. Prabhu is wasted.

If you term this as a sequel to Vishnuvardhan’s 2007 hit Billa, then it would be an insult to both Vishnuvardhan and the movie Billa.

Skip this.

Language: Tamil

Genre: Thriller

Rating: *

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  1. Its a pity that ,talented and established actors like ajith , vijay are doing movies just for the sake of there fans.Hopefully vinnaithandi veruva will leave up to its expectations.Anyways i trust gautham menon :)

  2. Nona, how many languages do you know? Can you learn Bengali and do a review of Antaheen, this years national award winner? I am yet to see that one.

  3. You are a great at movie reviews. How do you manage so many movies?

  4. @Anish - I can understand the established part. But not the talented part. he he.

    Keeping my fingers crossed on Gautam's new movie. :) Anyways, Simbu and Trisha are looking good on the album covers and other stills. I have not seen the trailers for this yet!

    @Aparna - If there are is a DVD of Antaheen with subtitles, then I can do the review. :) Studying Bengali would take a while. :)

    @Radha - Play, Pause, Sleep, Get up, Play, Pause. :) I spread it over couple of days. But I sure see a bit of it everyday.

    @Ramesh - :)


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