Boys and Gifts

“When is your birthday?”, asked my daughter. She asked me a couple of days after my birthday was over. As the clock stuck 12, she had woken me up from deep sleep to wish me. But the young mind has not understood the concept of birthday fully yet. For her, the birthday is not a day long affair but a brief one which involves a group of people, a cake and subsequent merry making.

The sadist in me decided to induce guilt in her mind instead of correcting the concept of birthday. “Where is my gift?”, I asked. On hearing my question, her eyes moved around the room to avert locking my eyes while a sly smile played on her lips. “I brought you a gift on your birthday!”, I continued. “Where is mine?”. The final nail has been driven into the coffin!

Now, I waited for her to respond while trying hard to mask my smile. She replied immediately, “Boys buy gifts!”. Being a girl, she is off the hook! Where did she learn this?

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  1. Clever girl. We don't learn such things from any where, we are born with such superior knowledge.

  2. NonaBhai i can't stop laughing...your little lady is so smart.....even i used think about the same often , like from where they are getting these kinda superb ideas

  3. Smart girl. Glad she learnt this early.

  4. :-) This is really cute. Kids don't need to be taught anything, thanx to all the media distractions..

  5. Girls are just always the smarter ones!!

  6. daddy like daughter..hey give a pat to her on my behalf yar.....:)

  7. Maybe, just maybe, she's been watching Lok Sabha TV.

  8. Wow... Smart mother, smarter daughter! :)

  9. @Aparna - Guess it is one of nature's mysteries. :)

    @Anish - :) I have no clue where they get these ideas. Sometimes, her wisdom amazes me.

    @Radha - "Glad she learnt this early"!!! :)

    @BKC - Sure, they know how to play their dad for sure!

    @JD - :) You can learn a thing or two from them!

    @Sujata - Yeah Yeah! :)

    @Ramesh - Done! :)

    @PerumalyThoma - Thanks for dropping by. She watches only Pogo! Looks like I need to watch it since it is more educational than the rest!

    @$$ - Thanks for dropping by. You guessed it correctly. :)

  10. Ha ha ha!!! Women are definitely the smarter species...and your young one is very very intuitively feminine!

  11. @Sucharita - Amen! Thank you. :)


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