Conversation with Vidya Balan

After being enchanted by Trisha’s beauty and performance in VTV, my friend walked into his apartment and had an interesting conversation with his roommate.

My Friend(MF): Damn it! Trisha was so sexy in the movie!

His Roommate(HR): *nods*

MF: I hate Simbu for kissing and hugging her so intimately.

HR: *suddenly interested*

MF: Why did she have to do it? I loved her in all her movies. And suddenly, she turns bold! I’m disappointed now!

HR: I can understand your predicament!

MF: *scoffs* Can you?

HR: Yes. Totally!

MF: *puzzled*

HR: I loved Vidya Balan the way you loved Trisha. And then I saw Ishqiya

MF: You mean Arshad Warsi’s & Vidya Balan’s Ishqiya?

HR: Yes, the very same!

MF: And?

HR: I couldn’t sleep that night!

MF: *sensing that he is onto something* Who can sleep after watching the onscreen fireworks?

HR: I dreamt that night!

MF: *definite that he is onto something* About Arshad and Vidya?

HR: No!

MF: *puzzled*

HR: *lost in thought and obviously revisiting the dream*

MF: *can’t contain himself no more* What happened?

HR: She apologized and told me why she had to do it. She needed the money badly and so, she took up that role! She said sorry.

All is well after an apology even if it was in a dream!

Picture Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama

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  1. that reminded me of 9th block !!

  2. lol, withering...withering... :P

  3. Anything can happen in your dreams... though I can't see Vidya apologising for romancing all those heroes, not even in some one's dreams.

  4. @DarkFlame - Thanks for dropping by! It is a typical 9th block conversation.

    @ScorpioGenius - he he

    @Ajeesh - Thanks

    @Aparna - Exaggeration or not! I will never know. I report the news. :)


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