A Hotdog Tale

A couple of days back, I walked into the local outlet of MarryBrown with my daughter. Being the Holi weekend, we were all in the holiday mood and there was minimal cooking at home. So, we opted for takeouts whenever we could.

I had narrowed down on Biriyani when I approached the Food court in Spencer Hypermart. But, my daughter wanted deep fried potatoes offered by MarryBrown which are cut in round shape and having a smiley etched on them.

But when we approached the counter, she added one more to the list of items. She pointed at the overhead display and demanded something. As I was not sure which burger she wanted, I decided to the use the very same trick these outlet chains employ to make the ordering process easier.

“Tell me the number”, I asked her. She concentrated on the overhead display and said, “4”. My heart swelled with pride as my offspring was able recognize numbers without assistance. My heart swelled more with pride as she had chosen a hotdog. My daughter is picking up my tastes!

When the order was ready, my daughter wanted to make sure she had received all the items she requested for. So, I opened the boxes and showed her “smileys” and the hotdog. She was happy with the “smileys”. But, she was convinced her hotdog was different. I was confused because how can someone go wrong with the hotdog?

Then, she showed me the overhead display. The display featured bright red tomato sauce sprayed on the hotdog in a zigzag manner. But on her hotdog, it was brown barbeque sauce. She did not get what she ordered for!

Picture Courtesy: http://www.jimdandysbbqgrill.com

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  1. Very clever girl.
    But, we must also look at it as an exercise by the company in brand positioning.
    Very clever marketing.

  2. Not only she can recognize the numbers but she can also differentiate between textures, colours and patterns...bright indeed :D

  3. @BKC - Thank you. More than the brand positioning, what I love about overhead display is the ease of making a choice and not creating a confusion after reaching the counter. It helps the queue move faster. On the flip side, the customer is not likely to experiment with other combinations!

    @Aparna - Thank you for the nice words. You have made a dad and a mom proud. :)

    @Radha - Tell me about it!


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