Movie: Aagathan

When his dad is transferred to Srinagar, seven year old Gautam moves with him along with his sister and mother. After the move, Gautam and his sister is happy in the paradise like city. But, their happiness is short lived. A group of terrorists attacks their neighborhood. As a result, his parents are killed and his sister battles with death in a hospital. After being suspended in a critical condition for years, his sister breathes her last.

Many years later, Gautam(Dileep) is a successful professional now and visits Kerala to meet the doctor who took care of his sister. During the visit, he also befriends Major George Joseph(Lal). Major George Joseph is a drunkard who was stripped off his stripes after a court martial. Major George Joseph was part of the commando operation that rescued Gautam. On his way to Bangalore, he and his fellow traveler Shreya(Charmi) misses the bus due to unforeseen circumstances. Gautam rents out a apartment from Shreya’s brother-in-law Sudhir Krishna(Biju Menon). This gives him a chance to be in touch with Shreya. Before long, Gautam proposes to Shreya.

Shreya is the daughter of Colonel Hareendranatha Verma(Sathyaraj), who was the commanding officer that led the rescue mission on that fateful night in Srinagar. The rest of the story tells us how all the seemingly disconnected events are tied together.

Kamal directs this thriller based on a weak script. The script and the treatment forms the weak link in this movie. There is no suspense and very few thrills. Moreover, the songs acts against this movie. For a thriller, he has chosen the wrong pace.

The good performances from the actors do not save the movie. Dileep has played this character with great restraint. Sathyaraj acts well. But, Kamal has failed in selecting a suitable voice for Sathyaraj. Sathyaraj’s voice is provided by the popular actor Saikumar. This confuses the audience. Lal is okay. Biju Menon is again wasted in an insignificant role. Innocent and Zarina Wahab are lost in the crowd.

The tagline says “Aagathan…One who came”. This is one who came for nothing!

Language: Malayalam

Genre: Thriller

Rating: **

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  1. At least he shouldn't have shown a colonel as a bad man.When most of our movie makers try to praise and acknowledge the sacrifices made by our army men ,In this movie they showed them in negative shade.And in Malayalam movies,when it come thrillers , still i will trust only Joshy.The veteran's movies like newdelhi,nirakootu are still worth a watch instead of this kinda song-comic so called thrillers

  2. Nona, thanks for dropping in at perumalythoma.
    That said, 'The One Who Came' as subtitle?
    Whoever wrote that?

  3. You are at your best when you write movie reviews. just watched the movie yesterday and have the exact same thoughts.

    Keep it coming!

  4. You write good reviews. People generally know which movie to see and which one to miss from your writing.

  5. @AnishThomas - You should Joshiy's Robinhood! It was pathetic. Joshiy has become unpredictable!

    @PerumalyThoma - I wonder who writes these tag lines! It is Corny with a capital c.

    @Scribbler - he he! Guess you would have gone for "Kamal". It is disappointing! Ideally, this should have been an episode in "Kerala Cafe". That is all to the story!

    @Aparna - Thank you for the encouraging words. :)

  6. I wanted to see the movie, but it left the theatres before i could watch..people had poor response about the movie

  7. hahahh bhaiya ji...if i know where the switch is..i will put it on first.hehe..thanks ya..


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