Movie: In Ghost House Inn

Using the money gifted by his friends – Mahadevan(Mukesh), Govindan Kutty(Siddique) and Appukkuttan(Jagadish) – towards the end of the previous movie, Thomas Kutty(Ashokan) buys a bungalow in Cliff Hill. The locals believe the house to be haunted as three dead people were disposed inside a huge well inside the bungalow 70 years ago.

Thomas Kutty invites his three friends to the bungalow. The three friends happily arrives without their respective families in order to check out the bungalow and relive their younger days. After learning the history of the bungalow, the three friends are shaken and also persuades Thomas Kutty to sell the property. For Thomas Kutty, this is the big ticket as he wants to convert the property into a hotel after dispelling the rumors of ghosts.

The three friends decides to help Thomas Kutty. Very soon, these friends are joined by their respective wives (Rohini, Lena, Reena Basheer and Rakhi). The four friends realizes there is something spooky inside the bungalow and enlists the help of Father Dominic(Nedumudi Venu). The rest of the film gives you the answers.

Lal directs this movie based on a script written by self. The emphasis of this movie is not on comedy but on the spooky events. For a movie series based on Harihar Nagar, the shift in focus is not expected by the series lovers. The red herrings are easily identifiable which works against the movie. Although the best technicians were used, the movie still lacks finesse and looks like a product made in hurry. The songs except the one in the second half look forced.

Jagadish handles the comedy element in this movie too. Most of the comedy is based on Appukkuttan’s blunders. This is milked to the maximum in the movie. The rest of the performances have nothing much to write about.

Watch it only if you do not have other choices.

Language: Malayalam

Genre: Drama

Rating: *

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  1. Guess the producer was impatient this time; feels he shud have waited for a while to bring out Part 3!
    Anyways, no comments cos I am yet to watch the movie!

    Cheers! :)

  2. i've watched very few south ke movies...
    happy days, pokkiri, um...i realy dont remember the others..
    but all that i watched were nice. :)

  3. @$$ - Everyone associated with movie was impatient to get the 3rd installment out! But judging by the other movies scheduled for summer, this might turn out to the only hit! :(

    @Diwakar Sinha - Thanks for dropping by. Pokkiri is a masala movie! Happy Days was nice. Do you know Telugu? Or you guess the conversations?

  4. Hi Nona, My first visit to your blog. I was looking forward for this movie. The 2nd product was good but looks like its lost the charm with the 3rd. :-)

  5. @Biju - Thanks for dropping by. The movie has lost the charm. But, because there aren't any good movie, this one is having a good run


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