Movie: Thanthonni

On a fine day, three patriarchs(Captain Raju, Ramu and Vijayaraghavan) controlling the fortunes of Vadakkanveettil family decides to divide the wealth amongst the next generation fearing the new generation might turn foes in greed. Although they have a sister (Ambika) who is a widow, they decide not to consult her on these matters as she opted for a marriage against the wishes of her elders. The partition plans goes haywire and incomplete because of the absence of Vadakkanveettil Kochu Konju(Prithviraj), their nephew. On the day of the partition, he is busy attending an auction and bashing up their family rivals.

Kochu Kunju is always in a drunken state and does not have a single penny in his pocket. But he is a daredevil! Achu(Suraj Venjaramood) is his sidekick. During his childhood, Kochu Kunju had run away from his home and finally returned when he attained adulthood. All his cousins (Suresh Krishna, Sadiq, Tony etc) hates him except Helen(Sheela). Helen is engaged to Kochu Kunju. Unknown to everyone, Kochu Kunju has a secret. The movie reveals this secret slowly and painfully during second half.

George Varghese directs this film based on a script by T A Shahid. Both the direction and script are mediocre never raising above what has witnessed umpteen times before. They have unsuccessfully tried to cash on the successful but illogical superstar themes.

Prithviraj gives his best to the half baked role. He is quite good at mouthing the superhero dialogues. At the same time, he fails in comedy because of imperfect timing. He isn’t irritating while doing comedy. But the jokes are lost because of the imperfect timing.

The rest of the supporting cast is a major disappointment. Sheela has nothing much to offer. Saikumar is totally wasted. There are imports from across the border – Pithamagan Mahadevan, Renjith, P Vasu, Adithya – who are all wasted.

Skip this! Not even Prithviraj can save this one! If you really want to watch this, I advice you to get more drunk than the thanthonni Kochu Kunju.

Language: Malayalam

Genre: Action

Rating: *

Tags: Movies,Prithviraj,Suraj Venjaramood,Vijayaraghavan,T A Shahid,Action


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