Plantation Trails: Cottabetta Bungalow

Plantation Trails offers cozy bungalows tucked inside the coffee or tea estates as a home away from the mad rush of the city. This is being managed by Tata Coffee. Cottabetta Bungalow is one of the bungalows which is offered under this service. Formerly known as the “Director’s bungalow”, this has been opened up commercially in the recent times. Cottapetta Bungalow is located in Coorg, two kilometers away from the town of Pollibetta.

The city of Pollibetta is difficult to find in the maps. Although the locals know these places very well, it is better to look up the city of Gonikoppal while looking for directions in the internet. From Bangalore, the directions are as follows.

  1. Bangalore to Mysore on SH 17
  2. Mysore to Hunsur on SH 88
  3. After crossing Hunsur, there is a smaller road branching out of SH88 on the left. There are hoarding displaying the directions to Plantation Trail.
  4. Go straight on this road till you reach Thithimathi.
  5. Turn right at Thithimathi and look out for the signs for Cottapetta Bungalow. This is located on your left.

Once you get off SH 88, the roads display wear and tear, giving you a jerky ride.

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Cottapetta Bungalow offers 5 room out of which one is an heritage room. A long porch welcomes you while entering the building. This opens up to the living room which offers a TV and sofas that could seat 9 people. The living room is connected to the dining hall with a long but slender table that could seat around 8 people. Once you cross the dining hall, there is a small courtyard. The rooms are built around the courtyard and dining hall.

There is a cook and other personnel attached to the bungalow. There are restaurants if you are willing to drive for more than 10 kilometers. If you want to stay in, the in house cook is the best option. They also arrange for barbeque and bonfire in the courtyard. But, you will have to inform them a day in advance for this. The bungalow do no have a liquor license. So, you will have to buy liquor from outside. If you buy it from the local shops, it may cost you more.

In spite of being managed by Tata Coffee, it is difficult to make a booking here as they do not have any online portal. The booking is crude as you have to deposit money into their ICICI bank account and fax the receipt to their offices.

If you are willing to travel more than 40 kilometers in a day, then there are many options for a traveler like Dubary Elephant Park, Irappu Falls, Golden Temple etc. Otherwise, this is an ideal place to eat, drink and relax.

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  1. barbeque ...wahhh...was it good???
    money into their ICICI bank account and fax the receipt ridiculous

    Sounds like for banglore folks it is a good place to take a break , sit and relax.Anyways thanks for sharing the info :)

  2. A wee bit (:-) expensive, but a friend went there few months ago and had a great time.

  3. Thanks for dropping by the blog.

    And your first-day experience sounds like it might be interesting. Why don't you blog about it?

  4. @Anish - BBQ was fun with a spread containing chicken, mutton, potatoes, baby corns and pork(Coorgi delicacy!).

    ICICI thingy is the only unexciting part of it!

    @Haddock - Thanks for dropping by. If you live in Bangalore, this is a good getaway from the maddening rush of the city.

    @Radha - Hmmmm... Kinda! But can we negotiate with them? I don't think so

    @Bullshee - Thanks for dropping by. Compared to your experience, my first day at work was not very entertaining! :) It was more like overcoming personal demons! But I have a lot of interesting anecdotes to share about work like which I do blog about. :)

  5. I quite liked the way the interiors look.

  6. If you are a Tata group employee, you can get a discount.

  7. Reading this on Monday morning is definitely not a good idea.

  8. @Anil- I have only posted the interiors for the heritage room! The other rooms were done equally good.

    @Radha - Thanks for the information.

    @PerumalyThoma - Thinking positively, this will help you plan your next weekend. :)


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