Rendezvous with FBI

“Can you accompany me to LA?”, he asked. It was one of the laziest long weekends a few summers ago. In spite of having three days of holidays, we were too lazy to plan anything! As a result, four of us ended up in an apartment in Santa Clara sipping alcohol, watching TV and browsing the net. We would have continued doing this for the next three days if my friend had not posed this question.

Three of us were uncomfortable on hearing this question. LA was around 450 miles away. Going to LA means renting a car and also a room. So we responded, “Why all of a sudden?”. He answered, “I have never driven long distance in this country!”. We continued our line of questioning. “So, what is the big deal about LA?”. He blushed and replied, “My girlfriend is waiting there!”.

Sensing an opportunity, we negotiated with our lovelorn friend. As a result, he agreed to pay for the car and also the room. For the rest of us, it was a change of location. We will still be sipping alcohol, watching TV and browsing the net. But now, we will doing this from LA instead of Santa Clara.

“Where are we meeting her?”, we enquired. My friend responded, “We will meet her at Denny’s. There is one on Sepulveda”. On hearing the name of the place, sirens went off inside my head. “How can a place be called vada? How long has this guy known her? Is she setting us for a wild goose chase?”. Being smart, I kept quiet!

I heaved a sigh of relief when we found the Sepulveda Blvd in LA and also the Denny’s! We found our friend’s girlfriend waiting inside the restaurant. After we conquered our initial awkwardness, the conversation became loud and fun. As we became more boisterous, the friend’s girlfriend said, “I’m FBI”.

Suddenly, everyone stopped midway and the awkwardness returned. Although I was sure we had done nothing wrong, I practiced my he-made-do-it line mentally. In this case, he did make us do it. We were chilling out in Santa Clara and he made us travel all the way to LA. As I rationalized the event, my breathing became normal!

While I was busy preparing my defense, I heard someone asked haltingly, “What?”. I gave the inquisitor a dirty look for he had asked the wrong question. He should have asked, “What did we do wrong?”!

The girl replied, “FBI. Fiji Born Indian”!

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  1. That was hilarious to say the least!! Amazing flow of the narration.

  2. Heh heh.
    Know how that feels.
    Once got a call from a very stern sounding person who asked me my name, twice.
    Then other details.
    All in one of those clipped voices that are always answered.
    Then, I am told that the call is from RAW, Delhi and Major Saab wants to have a word.
    It was 15 seconds before a "Thomachaaa!" rent the air.
    It was an old friend that I used to bully in college and is now with the RAW.
    In those 15 seconds, he paid me back for all the times I had hit him on the nape of the neck.
    My Easter was ruined.

  3. That was funny. Did the girl say that with a straight face?

  4. A good reason to go to LA. :)

    Interesting and humorous post! :)

  5. Very funny.It was really a funny post.

  6. ""FBI. Fiji Born Indian""

    Now that was really funny.


    i am CBI. Calcutta Born Indian.


  7. :-) Did the story have a 'happily ever after?'

  8. @Sujata - Thank you. :)

    @PerumalyThoma - he he! That was scary!

    @Ramesh - :)

    @Aparna - She never noticed the sudden awkward silence!

    @Chandrika - Thanks for dropping by! Well, someone else was paying for everything. So, it was right reason for going to LA!

    @BKC - Thank you

    @Indian Pundit - Thanks for dropping by. CBI! That is very original. :)

    @Radha - :) Happily ever after. But separately. :)

  9. After ABCD (American born confused desi) this is another worthy abbrev to add to the global Indian

  10. @Vaz - :) It is a common abbrev out there in the US. I came to know about it only when I encountered the "species"!


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