Searching for a landmark

During my visit to Coorg last weekend, our hotel was located on a lesser known and rarely maintained roads that branched out of the main highway. This road branched out a few kilometers away from Hunsur.

After reaching Hunsur and travelling for a few kilometers, we were confused about the turn as there were many roads branching out of the main road. So, we decided to pull over and check with the hotel staff on the phone.

Over the phone, the hotel staff assured us that we were on the right track. In order to simplify, I asked for landmarks. The hotel staff promptly replied, “Sir… Please continue forward. You take a turn where you see a person selling tender coconuts by the roadside!”.

I reached safely at the hotel despite seeing the tender coconut sellers at every 500 meters. Thankfully, there was a huge hoarding before the turn displaying the directions to the hotel.

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  1. A coconut vendor as a landmark! That is so apt. How was Coorg? Would love to visit the place someday, heard so much about it.

  2. lol, reminds me of the directions given to me by my classmate girl to find the community center during my IV Yr in college. There is a lorry parked in front of the center!

  3. Good description and very practcle directions.I have never been to Coorg but believe it grows coffee.

  4. @Aparna - Coorg is good getaway for us. :) There are so many things to do here! But we ended up relaxing at the bungalow!

    @Ajeesh - The cart is the only picture I got. The vendors were mostly on cycles or by the roadside.

    @ScorpioGenius - And your classmate found the lorry. A friend of mine used to tease his mom. His mom used to give landmarks like "Remember the bus stop where there was a sparrow sitting on the tree!"

    @BKC - Yes, there are coffee plantation and also tea estates in Coorg. In addition, they grow pepper also.


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