Meenmutty Waterfalls, Wayanad

DSC05071 Meenmutty Waterfalls is situated off the Ooty Road around 29 kilometers from Kalpetta in Wayanad district in Kerala . A friend recommended the place to me. He liked it because the hike down to the falls is longer and the falls have a taller drop. We were able to easily locate the signboard which indicated the approach road to the falls. The approach road was 2 kms long and the unpaved. We noticed other visitors leaving their cars where the approach road started. Since the approach to our resort was similar, we decided to drive.

At the end of the approach road, there was a makeshift hut made by the forest authorities. We parked the car on a piece of open land devoid of construction. As soon as we parked the car, a lady approached us demanding parking fees. We gladly paid her. On our way back, after seeing many cars parked in such pieces of land and also in front of houses, we concluded the parking fees serve as an additional income for these households.

The forest authorities charge a nominal fee of Rs 30/- per visitor. They have discounts for bigger groups. They assign a guide after assembling visitors together into a small group. Since our visit coincided with the Easter weekend, guides were scarce. So the guides were posted at key locations in order to help the visitors. As we were having difficulty in carrying our daughter, the guides helped us. They carried our daughter down to the falls and also on the way back.

After a hike of one km which comprised of many zig-zags, small uphills and steeper downhills, we reached the falls. On the way, there were ropes tied to the trees which aided us in our journey to the falls. The falls was a sight to see! And to think the monsoons start in another two months. Imagine the sight then! The most difficult part of the journey was the next. We had to climb up to reach our starting point. It was slow and painful!

DSC05103 DSC05090 DSC05094 DSC05102

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  1. This was the place where i had my great fall. I fell almost 10 feet down from the waterfall after going in for my misadventure of scaling it. Esp the 4th pic.. brings back a lot of memories. But a beautiful place nevertheless.

  2. Very pretty pictures. Reminds me of some of the falls at Kotagiri near Ooty.

  3. Looks really beautiful and serene.

  4. Looks very beautiful. Water falls look amazing, specially during monsoons.

  5. awesome that summer is here..well..come to the desert and watch 4 yrself..

  6. Beautiful pictures. It was many years ago that I had gone to OOty.It is a very nice place.

  7. Looks good ...have u been to kootalam in thenkashi(its near to punaloor)...

  8. Looks good ...have u been to kootalam in thenkashi(its near to punaloor)...

  9. Lovely! very tempting!
    how is the weather there? was in thrissur last week... was sweating like maddness, 24X7!!!

  10. @Sanju - :o And you were okay after the fall?

    @Radha - :) I have not visited Kotagiri.

    @Sujata - It looks serene. But, the place was crowded and noisy because of the holiday weekend. It looked like the ideal place to meditate if there were no noise!

    @Aparna - During the monsoons, the waterfall has a width of 10 meters! That is what the locals say!

    @Ramesh - The desert during the summer?

    @BKC - This place is over 100 kms from Ooty

    @Sucharita - :)

    @Anish - I have been Kuttaalam decades back. I have no memories of the place now. :(

    @Ramesh - :) Thanks for dropping by. I was away on vacation. As you can see, I'm back from the vacation and also becoming active on blogosphere!

    @$$ - It is raining cats and dogs out there! When it rains, you are covered with a layer of sweat!

    @JD - :)

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