Movie: Clash of the Titans

Zeus(Liam Neeson) becomes the king of Gods while his brother Hades(Ralph Fiennes) rules the underworld. Hades secretly harbors hatred towards his brother as he was tricked by his brother to rule the underworld. Hades also possesses a wily monster called kraken.

During this time, a fisherman named Spyros(Pete Postlethwaite) comes across a floating coffin. He finds a dead woman and a baby in the coffin. Spyros adopts this baby who grows into Perseus(Sam Worthington). On a fishing trip, Spyros and family watch the soldiers of Argos destroying a statue of Zeus. The soldiers are immediately killed by Hades who appears from the ocean. In the aftermath of the battle between Hades and soldiers, the happy family of Spyros gets drowned. However, Perseus escapes.

Perseus is rescued by another group of soldiers from Argos and taken back to Argos to present before the king and the queen. The king and the queen are defiant about the gods and compares their daughter Andromeda(Alexa Davalos) to Aphrodite. As soon as the words are uttered, Hades appears and creates havoc. During the melee, Perseus is unharmed. Then, Hades realizes that Perseus is a demigod. Hades warns the king of Argos to sacrifice Andromeda in 10 days in order to avoid the wrath of kraken.

Perseus embarks on a quest as a man to save Andromeda and fight the kraken. Even after he realizes that Zeus is his father, he is adamant in completing the quest as an ordinary man. He is assisted by Io(Gemma Arterton) and Draco(Mads Mikkelsen). How Perseus saves Andromeda by fighting Acrisius(Jason Flemyng), killing gigantic scorpions born when the blood of Acrisius touches the ground, confronting the Stygian witches, befriending Djinns and killing Medusa forms the rest of the story.

Louis Leterrier directs this remake of the 1981 movie. The script has been adapted to project Perseus as a mortal fighting against the wrath of god. But the director fails in generating a feeling of adventure while watching this movie. Moreover, Perseus’s struggle – both internal and external – does not inspire. So, the movie degenerates into an action piece ultimately. In spite of having great performers, the movie remains pedestrian.

Watch it on DVD. If you really want to enjoy Clash of Titans, pick up the DVD of the 1981 movie. Even with the crude stop motion effects, the original is far more enjoyable.

Language: English

Genre: Action

Rating: **

Picture Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama

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  1. better to leave this one alone me thinks!!

  2. I don't think this one is for me.
    So are you only writing movie reviews these days?

  3. And, I was blaming the 3D goggles for not being able to enjoy this movie as much as the old one ;)

  4. @Sujata - Yes! You can utilize your time to do something else. :)

    @Aparna - Reviewing movies are easier. ;)

    @Laks - Believe me! It is not the 3D glasses!


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