Movie: Le Cercle Rouge

The Commissioner Mattei(Andre Bourvil) transports a convict Vogel(Gian Maria Volonte) from Marseilles to Paris on a train. On the way, Vogel escapes by jumping out of the train. Elsewhere, Corey(Alain Delon) is released from the prison. Just before he is released, a prison guard tips him about the newly installed security system in one of jewelries in Paris.

After robbing his ex-partner Rico, Corey sets off to Paris in a newly bought secondhand car. A fleeing Vogel hides in the trunk of Corey’s car while the latter eats in a restaurant. Corey sees this and stops the car in a secluded place for Vogel to get some air. Vogel is initially suspicious of Corey and subsequently trusts when he comes to know that Corey has been released from the prison.

Corey helps Vogel escape from the police and Vogel in turn helps Corey from Rico’s thugs. Soon, Corey enlist Vogel in the jewel heist. Based on Vogel’s suggestion, they also invite a marksman Jansen(Yves Montand), who is a retired policeman. Meanwhile, Mattei is under pressure after Vogel’s escape. He squeezes his informers to locate Vogel. The rest of the story follows the events in lives of these three men.

Jean-Pierre Melville directs this thriller. The movie is leisurely paced with events taking time to unfold. Still, supplemented by the photography and performances, the movie is interesting to watch. The heist takes around 20-25 minutes of screening time. It is not a daring heist but a very entertaining watch. The intelligent use of background music enhances the thrills. The heist is silent without any use of excessive background music.

An excellent thriller! Watch it!

Language: French

Genre: Thriller

Rating: ****

Picture Courtesy: Wikipedia

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