Movie: Love Sex Aur Dhoka

Rahul(Anshuman Jha) is directing a movie as part of his curriculum in the film school. He finds his heroine in Shruti(Nushrat Bharucha). While filming, Rahul and Shruti fall in love despite their different social and economic situations.

Adarsh(Raj Kumar Yadav) is a security consultant who works in super mart. He has been instrumental in setting up the CCTVs in the store. As he is heavily in debts, he decides to use the CCTV to record something saleable. For this, he pretends to be interested in Rashmi(Neha Chauhan), who works at night.

Prabhat(Amit Sial) is a journalist who specializes in sting operations. His career is heading nowhere and currently possesses suicidal tendencies. Ironically, he rescues Naina(Arya Banerjee) from committing suicide. With the help of Naina, he plans to do a sting operation on Loki Local(Herry Tangdi), the famous singer.

Dibakar Banerjee directs this episodic movie. He has intelligently linked these seemingly disparate stories thereby giving us the best episodic movie in Hindi. Dibakar has used fresh faces in this movie. The new comers are so comfortable on the camera that their performance is better than of the stalwarts. The direction, the scripting, the camera(by Nikos Andritsakis) and the editing(by Namrata Rao) play a major part in this movie. Camera is one of the key characters in this movie. In the first episode, the look is of being shot using a video camera. The second episode has a look of being shot using CCTV and the third using a spy camera.

This is a definite watch. Please use discretion as some of the scenes are not suitable for children.

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama

Rating: ****

Picture Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama

Tags: Movies,Dibakar Banerjee,Drama


  1. this seems interesting!! will give it a try, the new comers these days are really good be it in acting editing photography or direction.

  2. Seems interesting. Sometimes you do not trust the film reviews that appear in the press or TV. Will see it and come back to comment.

  3. So it is a movie for serious movie lovers right.A good weekend watch in DVD i suppose.Its a good sign that lot of newcomers like neeraj pande and banerjee are coming up with fresh ideas and executing it properly.

  4. The movie got rave reviews, hope to catch it on a DVD soon.

  5. Padam kaananam ennund. Katta busy with the resort..

    Pinne "While filming, Rahul and Shruti falls in love" should be 'fall in love'

  6. @Sujata - Newcomers with small budgets are doing wonders.

    @Radha - Let me know after you have seen this.

    @Anish - There are great movies everywhere except Malayalam!

    @Aparna - Enjoy watching this!

    @Laks - Or is it Ajeesh? :) Anyways, I have DVD with me. You can get it from me anytime!

    Corrected! And Thanks.


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