Movie: Paiyaa

Shiva(Karthi) comes to Bengaluru for an interview. In Bengaluru, Priya(Sonia) and other friends help a laidback and disinterested Shiva. During his stay, he is smitten by Charu(Tamannah) and bumps into her at many places. Shiva also misses his interview as he follows Charu after spotting her at the place of interview.

Later, when he goes to railway station to pick up a friend, Shiva is mistaken as to be a taxi driver by Charu and another man who accompanies her. They ask for a ride to Chennai. Shiva obliges. In the car, the person accompanying Charu constantly scolds her in Telugu. Their movement is monitored by a lady called Amma over the phone. When Shiva stops at a gas station to fill in gas, Charu requests him to dump her companion and escape. Shiva obliges again! Then, Shiva takes her to Mumbai. On way, Charu is chased by an Andhra gang of ruffians. As they approach Mumbai, a local gang of ruffians are on their pursuit. But they are pursuing Shiva! How Shiva saves himself and Charu from these ruffians using brawn forms the rest of the story.

Linguswamy directs and writes the screenplay of this action movie. The movie fails on two accounts – the pace is very slow for an action movie and the stunt choreography has moments but aren’t great overall. There is nothing much happening in the movie and there are songs popping up every now and then. The director has failed to capture the essence of a road movie in spite of shooting extensively on major national highways covering multiple states. Linguswamy has badly written and shot the confrontation between Shiva and the two bad guys - Baali(Milind Soman) who is the leader of Mumbai pack and the fat guy who is the leader of Andhra pack. What could have been an interesting action sequence turns out a damp squib even before it starts. Shiva knocks out Baali very early in the movie leaving no suspense for the viewer. The fat guy gets a kick that lifts off the ground before even he can flex his muscle.

The songs tuned by Yuvan Shankar Raja is more pleasing than the action scenes. For a movie of this genre, the songs should add value to the overall movie and should not take away credit from the action scenes! The camera by Madhie and editing by Anthony do not even suit this movie.

Karthi fails to register an impact despite giving a sincere performance. Tamannah gets ample footage but has no scope for acting! Milind Soman is wasted.

Skip the metamorphosis of Paiyya to Super Paiyya and avoid the torture.

Language: Tamil

Genre: Action

Rating: *

Tags: Movies,Karthi,Tamannah,Sonia,Milind Soman,Linguswamy,Yuvan Shankar Raja,Action


  1. haha ya lets avoid the torture....cheers:)

  2. Just one star from Nona?!
    I love the song choreographed in the rain. It is so cute! At least for the song, I think I will watch the movie in theater.. i hope..

  3. @Ramesh - :)

    @Swatantra - :)

    @Stranger - You have been forewarned!

    @$$ - Well, you know what to expect! Enjoy the songs. There are many scenes shot in Bengaluru!

  4. They asks for a ride to Chennai. asks should be 'ask'

  5. @Ajeesh - Thanks. Corrected!


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