Read the newspaper!

IMG00050 My dad always tried his best to tell me the importance of reading the newspaper even before I stepped into the teenage years. He wanted me to possess a better vocabulary and a writing style. More than the elegant prose and presentation, he wanted me to stay in touch with what was happening in the world.

Parents are always driving a point relentlessly into your head and also making life more difficult in your teens. As I entered into my teens, I had plenty of evidence to back up the above adage. So, the natural tendency was to ignore my dad’s advice! But, during those days, I went through a flip flopping emotions of love and annoyance where love mostly won hands down. In order to please dad and to give boost to my ego, I found a middle path. I decided to read the newspaper.

Every morning, I picked up the newspaper and read the local listing of the movies. I also garnered the knowledge of upcoming movies too. As for what is happening in the world, remember, I said “middle path”! I have religiously followed this ritual till date although the frequency has reduced from 7 days to 1 day namely Friday.

As with all bitter lessons in my life, lack of respect for my dad’s advice caught up with me last Friday! After a hard day’s work, we – me and a group of friends – gathered at a local watering hole. On that night, we were surprised to find that the watering hole was not serving water – in our case, alcohol! Agitated, we asked why. They couldn’t serve alcohol because of the local corporation elections. We retired for the day with a tired soul and an aching body!

If I had listened to my dad’s golden words, I would not have landed in this situation. I would have found this piece of information by reading the newspaper! Like the ants stocking up food, I would have stocked my house with alcohol for the dry period that lasted three grueling days.

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  1. What hardship, to go without alcohol for three whole days!
    I am addicted to the newspaper. In my house, we all fight to read it first, even my little girl. She loves the daily cartoons.

  2. Good habit, keep it up and encourage others to follow.

  3. Despite 24 hrs news channels making noise , I feel one must have the habit of news paper reading.

  4. hahaha..buddyy..take care..keep off alcohol...whenever poss...

  5. Like children say - Nice happened!! I am sure you will find yourself echoing your dad's advice as your child grows up.

  6. yeah right !

    try telling ur dad so !

  7. I am addicted to the newspaper big time and so is my daughter, our days dont start unless we go through the pages in the order that suits us best!!

  8. Ouch!!!
    *sigh..I can understand..your situation.
    Why not the telecom companies provide a Watering Hole Alert Service.

    Hmm..Should we propose this to tele companies?

  9. oh poor heartfelt sympathies ;)

  10. @Aparna - Nice! Great habits start from home. Hope she graduates from cartoons to editorials soon.

    @Stranger - I will try to inculcate the habit in my home! But, I'm still not sure I will be a good role model for the same!

    @BKC - Yes, the joys of reading cannot be substituted.

    @Ramesh - I will try to follow your advice. :)

    @Radha - Let her enjoy for another couple of years before I start barking orders. ;)

    @Deepa - Thanks for dropping by. :)

    @Sujata - Like I said to your cousin, Great habits start from home! :)

    @Sorcerer - Good thinking! Madhuloka had called up all their preferred customer warning them off the "outage"!

    @ScorpioGenius - Yes! Devastating!

    @BluntEdges - Thanks for dropping by! Sympathies accepted! :)


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