Artist in my Home

Picture 023 When I came back from work on Wednesday, the four year old artist in my home beckoned me with a naughty and expectant smile on her lips. For past few months, my daughter has developed this habit. If she is awake when I get home, she has either something to tell or show me. She is usually awake till late in the night! If everyone is asleep in the house, then she tiptoes into the living room silently with a smile.

On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to make back to home when everyone was still awake. So, she signaled me and I followed her cue. When I entered the bedroom, she showed her creation on the whiteboard. It was a train! Even before I congratulated the young artist on the good work, I started asking a lot of questions. Where did you see the train? Did your grandfather help you?

She and her grandfather answered most of the questions. She drew the picture herself without taking any help! She was watching a movie. All of a sudden, she asked her grandfather to stop the movie. Then, she went to the whiteboard and drew the train! The movie featured a train in one of the scenes.

What amazed and intrigued me was she was able to reproduce the train from her memory as the whiteboard and TV are in two different rooms!

Picture 025 Picture 024


  • You can find the artist and the train in the picture. The other pictures are her quick creations!
  • If you are wondering which movie, it was the malayalam movie named Loudspeaker. I don’t remember the train sequence even though I have seen the movie!

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  1. Nice pics. Keep the artist going :)

  2. :-) Nurture nurture. We have a painter and a sketcher in the family.

  3. I have one Michael Angelo here too....

  4. File all the pics that she has created. Maybe, at the back of each pic, you could also write what the artist had meant to draw. Ones you hear the artists version, you will be amazed to know how much these kids observe ... :)

  5. Nice Work.Good Luck to the young artist and her encouraging dad.

  6. Kids hv very vivid imaginations these days. I wonder whether Cartoon channels & Computer games hv got anything to do with it. My 5 Yr old is usually into something similar :)

  7. @Dominic - Thank you!

    @Ajeesh - Yes and we have to be careful about the walls!

    @Arvind Deshpande - :) I know the feeling (and the hardship)

    @Laks - I'm filing these on blog or facebook. :)

    @Tranquility - Thanks.

    @Vaz - It is the cartoon channel! She was trying to tell the name of the animal in the picture. I could not understand. Finally, she told it was from "Chota Bheem"! She might show me the animal next time when it appears on TV

  8. Oh, I missed this post. The little one is quite an artist. And well, her memory is amazing. Does she take after her mother? :-)

  9. @Radha - Thank you! Her mom is very efficient. :) But both of us do not have the artistic streak in us!


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