Caught between two Cultures

“These kind of marriages are good! The kids get the best of the both worlds”, said my friend while talking about marriages. Here, she was referring to the marriages in India and the advantages of cross pollinating the north and the south. The north and the south parts of India are very different in many aspects and marriages between people coming from these two region could yield interesting results! At that time, I was neither interested nor experienced in these matters! So, I remained silent.

Recently, I heard an anecdote about a couple. Their marriage was also a union of two cultures – American and Japanese. They have a child who is always getting into trouble like his peers! If the child is caught in the act by the parent who is American, the parent says, “Look into my eyes while I’m talking to you”. When caught by the parent who is Japanese, the parent says, “How dare you look into my eyes after doing this?”!

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  1. Very nice thoughts..and interesting anecdote..but I heard that the hybrid children (born from parents of differnt races) are more brilliant than any other children..

  2. That was too good ...
    I am more eager to know where the parents settled down . America or japan ?

  3. I always feel children of mixed parentage have the best of both worlds.
    Very interesting exchange between the parents and the child. Poor child will probably have a squint growing up. This gives a whole new meaning to 'looking to Tokyo going to New York'.

  4. They say there is scientific evidence to prove that such children are very intelligent and broad minded.

  5. the law of unintended consequences!!!!

  6. Funny! There are cultural differences - about what is right or wrong.

    Though when it comes to kid rearing, we would probably say that to a defiant kid too 'how dare you look me in the eye ' - American, Japanese or Indian - makes no difference.

  7. lol.. Poor kids!! Such Have you heard Russel peters? Type 'Beating up your kid' on you tube and laugh your lungs out..

  8. @Tomz - That is what everyone says!

    @Jithu - Thanks for dropping by. The person who told me the anecdote had lived in US. So, I assume they settled in US!

    @Vishal - Thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked it.

    @Dominic - Thanks. :)

    @Aparna - LOL! That was good wordplay! :)

    @BKC - Everyone says that such children are more creative and intelligent. So, I assume they have based this observation both on experience and scientific facts.

    @Badri - Thanks for dropping by. So true. This is an unintended consequence.

    @Radha - :) Certain circumstances. Yes!

    @JD - :) I will look it up. Thanks.


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