Courageous or Sentimental?

When Laila hit the eastern shores of India last week, the Government evacuated people along the eastern coast fearing the danger to the lives of the inhabitants. Even though this was done with good intentions, there was stiff resistance from a section of the residents. The people were being relocated to relief centers till Laila has left the shores and the ensuing danger was over. Then why did these people resist moving into a safer zone?

During the tsunami just after the Christmas day in 2005, there were alerts to the coastal areas in Kerala for moving to a safer zone. My maternal grandmother’s home is a stone’s throwaway from the sea. It was never so a few years back; with the sea encroaching the land slowly and steadily, my grandmother’s home became closer to the sea! At that time, my uncle remained in the home till the 11th hour before he moved to safety in a relative’s house. I was following up on this over phone from US and I never could understand why he chose to remain in the house till the 11th hour!

Even during danger, we do not leave behind our houses! But what drives us during such occasions? Are we courageous? Are we so blinded by sentiments that we are impervious to danger?

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  1. Hmm I do remember when Appan mamman had to rush there to bring him down to Mavelikara...Even i couldn’t still understand the emotions behind the so called "Kudumba Veedu" might be coz we all grew up in the sky scraping concrete structures,,,


  2. Interesting pic for the post :)
    I guess sometimes we treasure what is dear to us so much that the danger seems insignificant compared to the loss. Also many, hoping for the best, may feel that the danger may not materialize after all so why get into all these trouble!

  3. I think it is neither. It is just the feeling of insecurity of leaving home. A home signifies roots. To leave that behind is unthinkable to some.

  4. It is insecurity and there is a story floating around thet when such a situation does arise, those in power take over the land which never is returned to the poor,

  5. @Manu - Thanks for dropping by!
    That is exactly what I am trying to figure out!

    @Dominic - :) I felt the pic was appropriate for the post
    Interesting points.

    @Aparna - Doesn't the insecure feeling stem from the sentiments?

    @BKC - Thank you! This is an eye opener.


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