Do you give feedback to the waiter?

Picture Last week, while having lunch in one of the restaurants nearby my office, the waiter placed an empty glass on my table. The waiter’s index finger was sticking inside the glass when he placed it on my table. So, I gently asked him to replace the glasses and requested him to be careful about his finger during the second act. Sensing something amiss, , the owner-cum-manager approached our table. By this time, the waiter was embarrassed either with his inability to understand me or by fully realizing his folly. But he was not the only one who was embarrassed; so was everyone else around the table. I gently told the manager to replace the glass without elaborating on why.

A few weeks back, I gave feedback to a waiter in another restaurant on the way they cooked a particular dish of beef. It was overcooked! So, I went on explain them on various reasons why I did not like the dish. I was trying to give them genuine feedback instead of creating a scene. But my friend sitting opposite me tensed as I carefully dissected the demerits of the dish. When the waiter left, he confessed about his discomfort as he feared the staff inside the kitchen would exact revenge for my feedback!

A few months back, when I was about to devour my favorite type of sandwich at one of my favorite restaurant, I noticed a small living thing crawling into the plate from the table and taking a stroll inside the plate. Immediately, I signaled the manager to come over to our table. When he came over, I requested to take the plate away after showing him the intruder. They obliged and gave me a fresh sandwich. Luckily, my friends around the table were not embarrassed at my antics.

What do you do in such situations? Do you give quiet feedback? Do you make a scene? Do you embarrass your friends?

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  1. Once we gave a negative feedback. And the entire staff including the chef were around us. But instead of trying to know why we gave a negative feedback, they were on the offensive.

    Theres a friend of ours who is conscious from the moment he enters a restaurant ... hes scared that they would take their revenge by spitting into the food thats going to be served.

  2. I've shied away many times from giving a negative feedback for a plethora of reasons. Even last week I saw someone cleaning the table with a cloth with bare hands and then serving the food immediately after that. Sure, you dont expect him to wash his hands after the cleaning job but then its upto the manager to note the thing. In high-end restaurants you can expect some professionalism but in aam restaurants in small towns it is easier said than done.

  3. Many a times it is the scare of "revenge" that stops me from giving feedback. But then most of the time, I just ask for a replacement without giving any reasons.

    But at high end restaurants, I do give feedback since I expect them to be professional. Whether they are or not is something else, but then I do avoid making a scene.

  4. You give feedback and exit the place, if the food is not eatable. Else you eat the food and give feedback at the end of your meal.

  5. Interesting narations of resturants and waiters. :)

  6. I always give feedback if there is something offensive and never go back to the restaurant again. So no question of revenge.
    Once a cockroach crawled out of my husband's dosa and when he complained, the waiter told him,"toh kya hua? hata ke kha lo na!" Needless to say we left the restaurant and never went back there again.

  7. We do tell the manager as we leave, or if it is intolerable - immediately. I do not like to make a scene, but bad service any place should be brought to their notice.

  8. @Laks - Wow! I have had my share of that too! The waiters defending the way the food was prepared.

    @ScorpioGenius - In big restaurants, we always expect a certain level of quality! In most restaurants, the person who cleans the table and the person who waits/serves on the table are different!

    @Dominic - "Revenge" seems to be a common fear.

    @Ajeesh - Thanks

    @Chandrika - :)

    @Aparna - The comment about the cockroach is unbelievable!

    @Radha - I agree with you

  9. Interesting Post. Its better to just ask for a replacement of glasses or plates and just keep quiet. If I find any bugs,I am out of there, whether I have eaten or not, never to visit the restaurant ever again. Nice blog. I especially liked the template.

  10. @Tranquility - Thank you for dropping by. Very wise way of handling the situation. :)


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