Gloomy during betrothal

“Why are you looking gloomy?”, I asked my friend when he showed me the pictures of his betrothal ceremony. This friend of mine has been searching for a suitable girl for a very long time! A few seasons had transpired since and even the face of Bengaluru has changed after he embarked on this quest! The fact my friend has a shuddha jathakam complicated the whole process.

Under normal circumstances, he always has a big smile on his face. He also has a quick comeback for everything! His engagement had been fixed while I was away on vacation. So, the first thing I did after entering the office was to find him and congratulate him. While hanging around his workplace, he showed me the pictures of the engagement ceremony. In the picture, the girl was beaming from ear to ear. But, my friend had a trace of a smile on his lips. He looked as if he was lost in thoughts!

When I asked the reason for the gloominess, he remained silent. I also added, “She looks very happy”. On hearing this, he smiled. He replied with a laugh, “The conqueror is always happy!”. He let me use my imagination about the conquered!

A couple of days later, he still looked gloomy! Before engagement, he used to sleep till 8 am in the morning. But after engagement, he gets a wake up call from his future-wife-to-be at 7 am everyday!

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  1. This is the best time in one's life.In fact he must be looking forward to the 7 am call.

  2. his days of sleep and bliss are almost over.. i think he should make the effort one day to call up his fiancee at 4:30 am just to say, I love you..I think the message will go through!!

  3. He has stopped smiling because he is feeling insecure. He doesn't know whether he will be good for her. she is happy because she knows she is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

  4. Maybe later on in life, he would have to wake up his, by now, wife of many years, with a cup of tea. He might as well get used to waking up early.

  5. @BKC - Very soon! The first the engagement has to sink in completely. :)

    @Sujata- I will not advise him to be vindictive. :) It is just a phase. As of yesterday, he is taking calls very frequently but smiling ear to ear when complaining about the same. I think he is enjoying the calls now.

    @Aparna - Bingo! Right on target. You are right!

    @Radha - Both are working! Early morning works for her. But for the guy, he stays up late in the office and hence getting up early is a problem right now. He is adjusting his schedules now. :)

  6. hey now dont tell me my coment here dint get saved!!!!! wishes buddy and thnks for yr constant encouragement..

  7. @Ramesh - You are always welcome


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