Here is the chance to spy…

Have you ever harbored a secret desire to spy on a friend?

Here is your chance!

Limited time offer!

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  1. Did not really understand what happened in the video. Is it telling us how to spy or is it telling us how to protect a profile from unwanted visitors?

  2. it is not clear.What is the msg?

  3. the video is not clear..what is it saying?

  4. @Aparna, @BKC, @Sujata - I realize I have been vague in the hurry to post the article. This is a flaw in the Facebook site. As demonstrated in the video, if you follow these steps, you can see the chat logs of your friends. I have not tried it out myself. Since Facebook chat had been in maintenance mode last week with unscheduled outages, this flaw has been patched.


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