I can be a manager!

Picture 008 “I do not know how to solve this!”, my geeky friend exclaimed. We have been working together for past three years. But three years feels like ages now. With the passage of time, we have become good friends. Though I have been assigned as his manager, I am often embarrassed to be introduced as his manager on social occasions as our friendship goes beyond work.

On hearing him crying out loud, I sensed an excellent opportunity for playfully belittling him. So, I closed in for the kill. While closing in, I rehearsed the ensuing conversation in my head. In my imagination, the scene would have played out like this. I approach him. Then I shout, “You do not have good technical skills. That is why you can’t solve this”. He replies back immediately, “If I’m not good enough, chuck me out of this project”. For this retort, I triumphantly reply, “Because you are not good enough, I will make you work hard till you are good enough. Now, go back to the problem and come out with a solution!”. I walk away leaving behind a frustrated and confused geek.

Having rehearsed this scene in my mind, I approached him. Then I said, “You do not have good technical skills. That is why you can’t solve this”. He replied back immediately, “That means, now I can be a manager!”.

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  1. So did you promote him? He definitely has the right attitude for the job!

  2. Amazing!! I just loved his answer!!

  3. hey buddy no icecream for u..u r making fun of my cooking...hehe..

  4. u r always good Prasanna.. :)

  5. Ha ha ha! Loved your self-deprecating ability to laugh at yourself! Many managers are not like that!

  6. You asked for it!
    And you must be great friends.

  7. @Laks - :)

    @Aparna - Promote him and make me redundant in the team? Not yet! Let me first find a way out of this team. Then, I can promote him!

    @Swatantra , @Ramesh, @Mitz - :)

    @Sucharita - I felt this was too good a story to let go!

    @Radha - Yes, I asked for it and we are very good friends.

  8. He he..you can add this to the sect of funny management tips..

  9. @Divya - Thanks for dropping in to comment. :)

    @Tomz - It is already ranked as one!


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