“Kites” drama at PVR Cinemas, Forum Mall

Picture What were Reliance Big Pictures and Rakesh Roshan thinking when they decided to release their new offering “Kites” in 46 screens across Karnataka? Don’t they know the rules of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce(KFCC)?According to the rules of KFCC, a non-Kannada movie can only released in 21 screens in the state! Knowing the stress behind a big budget movie, KFCC relaxed the rule for “Kites”! They magnanimously allowed the movie to be released in 24 screens instead of 21! That is when Reliance Big Pictures and Rakesh Roshan played dirty and released the movie on 46 screens!

When the day started, the twitter world had woken up with this news. But later the websites informed about the movie being shown planned at PVR and INOX. The rest of the halls chickened out! So, when I walked into the Forum Mall where PVR Cinemas is housed, I was not surprised to see cops standing at the entrance! The security personnel at the mall entrance frisked me thoroughly before letting me into the mall. At the PVR screen entrance, I could find more cops! Unless KFCC decides to unleash a mob here, there was no need for these many cops! But, it is always soothing to see the people in khakhi! Who am I to complain?

Despite all the security measures, the show was cancelled. There was a crowd gathered around the ticket counters just before the show! There were cameramen, KFCC men talking to the camera, onlookers crowding around the KFCC men and to top it all, the men in khakhi crowding around the onlookers leisurely. There was even a man controlling the KFCC crowd using a megaphone! How did the megaphone get inside the mall undetected? So much for security!

After cancelling the shows and taking out “Kites” from the LCD display on top of ticket counter, the KFCC crowd dispersed. A lot of gloomy folks came out of the cinema halls and queued to get their refunds. The PVR personnel scrambled to make sure they had enough cash in hand to refund these disappointed patrons. The patrons contemplated various other movies before they decided to try out the food court or shop at the Landmark bookstore.
So finally, who won? Did KFCC won? Yes, they did as they made sure “Kites” was not shown in the city! Did KFCC boost the ticket sales of Kannada movies? No, they did not as none of the viewers who came out decided to go for a Kannada movie! They opted either the food court or the bookstore.

Then, who lost? Did Big Pictures and Rakesh Roshan lose? Big Pictures and Rakesh Roshan would have suffered a very negligible drop in the collection as the movie is released all over the world and Karnataka only featured a minute fraction of the total screens! With two semi-naked bodies splashed across the posters, there will be enough audience – both first time and repeat – to make this movie a success. The boycott is futile!

The first and foremost losers are the exhibitors! In the olden days, they were known as theater owners. But now, they also have a fancy name! With the change in plan at the 11th hour, they would not have found a suitable replacement to attract the crowd.

On the same scale, coming very close to the exhibitors in a photo finish, are the residents of Bengaluru. The cops who should have been deployed for other activities like controlling crime or traffic were deployed here to watch a well played drama being enacted!
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  1. hahahaaaa what a joke. You know what, these parochail rabid associations are doing no good to their respective film industries. There are all kind of restrictions, bans and tuglak rules imposed on the film fraternity and associates by these organisations with vested interests. They disrupt the industry in large and also turn themselves into a laughing stock.

    If the product is not worth the penny you pay then how the heck could you expect the public to waste their hard earned money to see these craps? If Kannada film is struggling then there will be very good reasons for it. Having a leash on other language films is not a fair practice from the public's viewpoint.

  2. n to think i was planning to book tickets 4 saturday but the plans got cancelled!

  3. hahahaha ... next time, if you want to watch a movie, remember to take your lucky charm ... :D

  4. You narrated in such a way that for a moment i felt i was in PVR ...

  5. Very beautifully written. I have not seen the movie yet but heard from my friend that Kites is not an outstanding movie but its good to watch once.

  6. This is called Bollywood politics. It is alleged that such plans are made by rivals sitting in Mumbai and actually paying to create such problems.

  7. @ScorpoGenius - The bans only force us to go for a substandard product for lack of choice! That is what they are trying and also succeeding in some extent!

    @Blunt Edges - Kites is now showing in Bengaluru.

    @Laks- Next time, I will go with you!

    @Divya - Thank you

    @Babli - The reviews are bad!

    @BKC - I have never thought of it in that way. But, now that you say it, I believe it!


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